Published on July 31, 2015  

Photo of Robert Smith"I was singing in the choir and God moved upon me, not audibly, but He impressed me with his presence to the point that I knew clearly that He was calling me to preach. I knew it. And I worshiped that night and I wept and I committed. I told Him that I would."


Early Life

Dr Robert Smith talks about his early life and tells some stories about his youth and growing up in Cincinnati.
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Coming to know Christ

Dr Smith gives his testimony and tells the story of him coming to know Christ.
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Dr Smith talks about the many people who influenced him in his life, especially Dr E.L. Alexander, his first pastor.
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The Call to Preach

Dr Smith tells the story of him receiving, and accepting, the call to become a preacher.
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Dr Smith provides some details about his experience in training to become a pastor.
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Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Dr Smith talks about his time as a professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
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Coming to Beeson Divinity School

Dr Smith talks about being called to teach at Beeson Divinity School, and his decision to accept that position.
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More Life Events and Stories

Dr Smith recounts more stories and events from his life.
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Philosophy of Preaching

Dr Smith discusses his personal philosophy on preaching and gives some insight into how he prepares for and presents his sermons.
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Changes in Preaching Trends

Dr Smith discusses the changing trends in preaching that have happened during his long career as a preacher.
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Influence of Heritage on Teaching and Preaching

Dr Smith talks about how his heritage in the African-American preaching tradition has influenced his teaching and preaching style.
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Strengths and Weaknesses of Preaching Traditions

Dr Smith gives his opinions on the strengths and weaknesses on the various preaching traditions.
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Experiences with Civil Rights

Dr Smith talks about his experiences with civil rights growing up in Cincinnati.
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Final Thoughts and Stories

Dr Smith gives some final thoughts about his philosophy on preaching and racial reconciliation.
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Audio Information
InterviewerEvan Musgraves
IntervieweeDr Robert Smith
RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection