Published on June 14, 2017  

sheet-music"They will sing until, say, eleven o’clock and might have an intermission before eleven. Then they have the preaching hour. And when the preaching hour is over, say, we will say twelve, they spread lunch, and then the rest of the day is singing."


A Sacred Harps' Upbringing and Singing School

Oliver talks about his upbringing in the Sacred Harps tradition and Sacred Harps singing school. He discusses the variety of singing parts and Sacred Harp hymn books.
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Disagreements, Sing-Ins, and the Draw of Sacred Harps Music

Oliver tells about the differing views in the Sacred Harps community. He discusses his experiences at sing-ins and what draws him to Sacred Harps music.
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Sacred Harps Worship

Oliver describes Sacred Harps worship.
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Favorite Hymn and the Sacred Harps Community

Oliver talks about his favorite song and tells more about the Sacred Harps community and its activities.
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The Sacred Harps Demographic, Sing-In Attendance, and Shape Music Notes

Oliver responds to a few questions from students.
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Oliver Sings Wondrous Love

Oliver and others sing "Wondrous Love".
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Theological Implications in Hymn Wording

Oliver talks about disagreement regarding the wording of some songs. He tells a couple of stories and responds to final questions from the students.
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Closeness in the Sacred Harps Community and Singing the Preacher Down

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Sacred Harps Hospitality and Announcing the Convention

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Audio Information
InterviewerJames Brown
IntervieweeMilton Oliver
RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection