Published on June 14, 2017  

river-redhorse"One time down there, what they called Trots Ford, was a hole. You know, we never would. . . More people got to where they’d snare, and got where they’d go women and all, go down and snare. Drag, you know, with them loops."


First Redhorse Fishers in the Community

Morgan Lovejoy discusses the few redhorse fishers that came before him in the Bulldog Bend area.
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Description of Redhorse Snaring

Morgan Lovejoy discusses the equipment used, who would fish, how much the redhorse fish typically weighed and were worth, and how they would catch the fish.
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Redhorse Snaring Trip with His Grandson and Other Sources for Information

Morgan Lovejoy tells about how he and his grandson recently went on a redhorse snaring trip and also advises Jim Brown on who he should talk to for more information.
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Overnight Trips

Morgan Lovejoy discusses the supplies needed for overnight trips and the advantages and disadvantages of fishing at night.
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Gigging Versus Snaring

Morgan Lovejoy talks about how gigging used to be far more popular than snaring.
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Audio Information
InterviewerJim Brown
IntervieweeMorgan Lovejoy
RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection
CollectionSTORI Collection