Published on June 14, 2017  

tulip-poplar-drawing"Well, the best sign we have is these poplar trees. Whenever they go to blooming."


Generational Change Over Time

Mott Lovejoy and Jim Brown discuss societal and lifestyle changes that took place over the span of their father and grandfathers' lives.They specifically refer to the growing prevalence of the automobile.
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Family History of Redhorse Snaring

Mott Lovejoy discusses when and where his father learned to snare redhorse fish and how they would go on overnight fishing trips together. He also mentions the large number of male friends and family members who would fish at the same time and place as him.
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Food or Fun

Mott Lovejoy explains that although redhorse fish can be eaten, he usually just fishes for sport. He also sells the fish he catches.
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When and Where to Find the Redhorse

Mott Lovejoy discusses the different places to snare redhorse and when to find them. Generally they can be found in April when the poplar blossoms are in full bloom.
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How to Catch a Redhorse

Mott Lovejoy explains how to catch a redhorse and the equipment necessary.
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A Picture of Visitors Who Came to Snare

Mott Lovejoy talks about a picture of when a sportswriter, a probate judge, and some other visitors came to snare redhorse.
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Redhorse Egg-Laying in Relation to Snaring

Mott Lovejoy explains the redhorse egg-laying process and how it relates to snaring. He also discusses using weights for fishing.
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The Legality of Fish Traps

Mott Lovejoy discusses the historic use of fish traps and how they are now illegal.
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How to Find Redhorse and More on the Snaring Process

According to Mott Lovejoy, it is not difficult to spot the redhorse fins in the water. He also gives more specific details on how to catch the redhorse.
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1950's Fishing Story

Mott Lovejoy tells a story from the early 1950's that exemplifies how heavy the fish were.
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Audio Information
InterviewerJim Brown
IntervieweeMott Lovejoy
RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection
CollectionSTORI Collection