Published on June 14, 2017  

In this podcast, students Jenny Cockerham and Jessica McKee interview fellow student Oliver Barreau, a Haitian immigrant who moved to the United States as a child. With his feet in two different worlds, he describes his experience growing up in Haiti, New York City, and Birmingham as well as finding his identity. 


Introducing Oliver Barreau - Born in Brooklyn

Oliver tells how he and his sister were born in New York and then his family moved back to Haiti after his birth.
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Returning to Haiti - Early Life in Haiti

Oliver sums up the years he lived in Haiti.
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Unrest in Haiti

Jenny and Jessica discuss the political unrest in Haiti in the 90s and 2000s. Oliver talks about how this unrest impacted his family.
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Migrating to the US - Integration in New York

Oliver tells how his family migrated to the United States to live in Brooklyn. He discusses how he and his sister adapted to the culture.
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Moving from New York to Alabama

Oliver talks about how the move to Alabama from New York was a greater challenge for him and how he adjusted there.
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Being Haitian in Alabama Schools

Oliver relates his experiences in Alabama schools as a Haitian.
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Maintaining Haitian Roots

While he and his family have made themselves a home in America, Oliver describes how he and his family have maintained their Haitian roots.
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Audio Information
Interviewer Jenny Cockerham and Jessica McKee
IntervieweeOliver Barreau
RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection