Published on May 9, 2019  

rosedale street sign". . . my hope is that it would retain its sort of historic, residential flavor, especially with . . . the ability for people of moderate means to be able to uh, enjoy Rosedale but also the benefits of living in Homewood generally . . ."



Doug Clapp describes his family background, academic history and transition into the Birmingham area.
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Gone to Church

Doug Clapp describes his introduction to Rosedale through his attendance at Bethel A.M.E.
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Move-In Day

Doug Clapp recounts his move into the Rosedale community and the strange experience of buying his first home, and waiting three years to move in.
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For the Best

Doug Clapp talks about his unique relationship with life-time Rosedale resident Miss Lisa Stewart, his friend and next-door neighbor.
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Doug Clapp talks about the feeling of Rosedale as a community and his experiences there as a resident.
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A Map of People

Doug Clapp explains the geography of Rosedale through individuals and their historical connections.
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The City

Doug Clapp discusses his perception of the gentrification issues Rosedale faces along with the complex and often tense relationship between Rosedale and the city of Homewood.
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Future Hope

Doug Clapp tells his hopes for the future of Rosedale as a historic neighborhood and tight-knit community.
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Audio Information
InterviewerChase Trautwein
IntervieweeDouglas Clapp
RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection