Published on July 31, 2015  

". . . there was a place called Golden Nugget [The Gold Nugget Restaurant and Lounge] . . . we knew the food was delicious but we couldn't go in, so we went to the side door and knocked on the door when they came, when they got a chance, they would come and take your order and they would give you the food from there."



Faye Vickers talks about her family and her mother’s background in Homewood. She also describes the self-contained community of Rosedale and how it has changed over the years.
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Growing Up in Rosedale

Faye Vickers recounts common activities for young adults in Rosedale.
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Rosedale Community: Businesses

Faye Vickers lists some of the major businesses in Rosedale, as well as common means of employment.
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Rosedale Community: Church

Faye Vickers talks about the church’s role in the Rosedale community and the history of Union Baptist Church.
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Rosedale Community: School

Faye Vickers discusses the history of schools in Rosedale, the founding of Rosedale School, and its eventual integration with the Homewood school system.
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Racial Conflict in Rosedale

Faye Vickers discusses the complications of Rosedale School’s integration into the Homewood school system and Rosedale’s involvement in the Civil Rights movement.
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Rosedale High School and the Community

Faye Vickers talks about Rosedale School as a center of the community, as well as tension between Homewood and Rosedale.
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May Day

Faye Vickers describes Rosedale’s annual May Day celebration.
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Rosedale Reunion and Memories

Faye Vickers talks about sharing memories at the Rosedale reunion, and recalls the Rosedale Picnic Club.
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Changes in Rosedale

Faye Vickers discusses how the Rosedale community is changing and her hopes for its future.
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Rosedale Memories: Christmas, Halloween, and Dr. Mamie Foster

Faye Vickers talks about some of her most prominent memories of Rosedale, including skating at Christmas, Halloween traditions, and the influence of Dr. Mamie Foster on the community.
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Audio Information
InterviewerChase Trautwein
IntervieweeFaye Vickers
RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection