Published on July 31, 2015  

Photo of Robert Smith"At Christmas we would - the city of Homewood used to black tar Loveless Street and block it off and we would skate, skate, skate. Everybody get your skates, because that's what you got for Christmas."


Growing Up in Rosedale

Linda Jones talks about her childhood experiences in the Rosedale community. She describes the many activities she and the other children in the Rosedale community took part in, including games, events, and employment.
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Rosedale Community: School and Church

Linda Jones talks about her memories of school and church in Rosedale. She explains how tightly knit Rosedale School was, how everyone went to church, and how many people (herself included) continue to attend church in Rosedale despite moving neighborhoods.
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Rosedale Community: Stores, Businesses, and Restaurants

Linda Jones describes the many business in Rosedale and their influences on the community's culture. She lists the many community activities that she and her friends took part in, including Scouts, basketball, and the Rosedale Teenage Club.
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Changes in Rosedale: Red Mountain Expressway

Linda Jones describes the 1964 construction of the Red Mountain Expressway that fractured the Rosedale infrastructure.
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May Day

Linda Jones talks about the annual May Festival celebration and the activities the school contributed to it.
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Leaving Rosedale

Linda Jones talks about her family's move from Rosedale and how others have also moved away from the neighborhood. She emphasizes that even living in distant places, they still maintain their community.
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Rosedale’s Relationship with Surrounding Communities

Linda Jones discusses Rosedale's relationship with nearby communities and failing attempts to preserve the neighborhood.
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The Future of Rosedale

Linda Jones talks about how Rosedale has lost much of what made it special, and how other neighborhoods continue to encroach upon it.
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Rosedale Memories: Entertainment

Linda Jones recounts some childhood memories, including Rosedale School's principal, Friday night dances, and skating on Loveless Street (now B.M.Montgomery Street) on Christmas.
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Rosedale Memories: Home Remedies

Linda Jones describes various home remedies her family used while growing up, and goes on to describe some of the common foods they ate.
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Rosedale Memories: Community

Linda Jones sums up by detailing the close-knit Rosedale community. She describes how no one locked their doors, all neighbors had open invitations to each other houses. She talks about how other neighborhoods knew that the people of Rosedale were reliable workers, and about how Rosedale was a self-sustaining community.
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Audio Information
InterviewerChase Trauwein
IntervieweeLinda Jones
RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection
CollectionSTORI Collection