Published on July 25, 2017  

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". . . it was a close knit community, you felt safe there, you knew everyone, and we had no problems getting along."



Will Ramsey talks about his family and about moving to Rosedale.
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Growing Up in Rosedale

Will Ramsey describes his experience growing up in Rosedale.
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Rosedale Community: Churches

Will Ramsey describes the importance of churches in Rosedale. He recalls that members of the Rosedale community walked rather than drove, and mentions the school and the Lee Center as other pillars of the community.
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May Day

Will Ramsey talks about Rosedale’s annual May Day celebration, as well as Homewood’s Homewood Day celebration.
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Changes in Rosedale: Red Mountain Expressway

Will Ramsey discusses the changes that began to transform Rosedale during his childhood—primary the construction of Red Mountain Expressway that split the neighborhood.
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Changes in Rosedale: Becoming Homewood

Will Ramsey discusses the merging of Edgewood and Rosedale into Homewood and the construction of Red Mountain Expressway.
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Rosedale Community: The Ball Diamond and Sports

Will Ramsey and Linda Jones recall the ball diamond and Lee Center as hubs of the community, where they and others would play sports.
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Afton Lee and B.M. Montgomery

Will Ramsey and Linda Jones describe the businesses owned by the Lees and Montgomerys.
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Rosedale and Vietnam

Will Ramsey and Linda Jones discuss the wall dividing the white community from Rosedale before Will Ramsey talks about being drafted into the Vietnam War.
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Leaving Rosedale

Will Ramsey and Linda Jones talk about the Rosedale Picnic Club and the long-standing tradition of Rosedale reunions.
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Rosedale Memories

Will Ramsey describes his hopes for Rosedale's future and recollects some of his favorite childhood memories from it.
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Audio Information
InterviewerChase Trautwein
IntervieweeWill Ramsey
RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection