Published on June 14, 2017  
charles-carter"I was angry, very angry because it was 12 hours after it happened that I was preaching it on the radio. I got death threats and threatening things because of that . . . it got the community aware how awful the KKK was and what they had done to a group."



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Called to Preach

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Brief Overview: Getting Married, Preaching, Teaching and Going to Seminary

Dr. Charter gives a brief sketch of several years in his early adulthood.
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Early Life Hobbies/Morning Watch

Dr. Carter discusses his interests as a kid/teenager. He tells about how he and other students led a short worship service for students at Phillips High School before classes each day.
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Choosing Howard College

Dr. Carter explains why he made his decision to attend Howard College.
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The Religion Department

Dr. Carter recollects his Howard College religion professors, and he compares the Samford University religion department's current theological disposition with the theological disposition of the Howard College religion department when he was a student.
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Having a Centrist Theological Disposition

Dr. Carter explains his theological centrist disposition, and he gives his reasons for having this theological stance.
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Howard College at the East Lake Campus

Dr. Carter shares his impressions and memories of Howard College's East Lake campus during his time as a student and his involvement in the student life on campus as commuter.
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Memories of Howard College Professors

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Dr. Sarkiss and George Irons

Dr. Carter discusses the impressions others had of professors Dr Sarkiss and Dr. Irons.
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Major Davis, Other Presidents, and John Pittman

Dr. Carter shares his opinions regarding Major Davis and other Howard/Samford presidents and also John Pittman.
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How Dr. Carter met Janice Carter/Janice Carter's Academic Track

Dr. Carter talks about how he and his wife met, the schools she attended, her studies, and her graduation.
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Revivals at Shades Mountain Baptist Church/Pastoring at Shades Mountain

Dr. Carter talks about his time at Shades Mountain Baptist Church before he was a pastor there and about his time as a pastor at that church.
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Dr. Danny Wood and the Transition from Dr. Carter to Dr. Wood at Shades Mountain Baptist Church

Dr. Carter tells about Dr. Danny Wood's path to ministry and eventual pastoring of Shades Mountain Baptist Church. Dr. Carter recollects the transition between him and Dr. Wood.
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Dr. Carter's Relationship with the Deacons and the Finance Committee

Dr. Carter discusses the relationship he had with the deacons and the finance committee while he pastored at Shades Mountain Baptist Church.
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The Annual Christmas Pageant

Remembering his favorite memories at Shades Mountain Baptist, Dr. Carter talks about the church's annual Christmas pageant.
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Dr. Carter tells about his vision for and involvement in Starlite during his time pastoring at Shades Mountain Baptist Church.
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Dr. Carter's Involvement in Racial Reconciliation in the 1950s

Dr. Carter talks about an encounter with the KKK and his own involvement in racial reconciliation, starting in the 1950s.
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Racial Relations at Shades in the 1970s

Dr. Carter discusses his stance concerning race relations and the position others held in Shades Mountain Baptist in the 1970s.
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Audio Information
InterviewerEvan Musgraves
IntervieweeCharles T. Carter
RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection