Published on June 14, 2017  

Sigurd-Bryan"I found out that I enjoyed teaching and the prospects of staying on there as a teacher and the prospects of being a pastor... I knew when I tried to preach I really was just teaching. That's what was natural."


Early Life and Background

Dr Sigurd Bryan talks about his early life growing up in Alabama.
Clayhatchee, Alabama
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Coming to Howard College and the Call to Ministry

Dr Bryan talks about recieving the call to Christian ministries, and his decision to attend Howard College in Birmingham, Alabama.
Site of the East Lake campus of Howard College
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Student at Howard College

Dr Bryan discusses his experiences as a student at Howard College.
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Dr Bryan talks about his experiences at Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
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Becoming a Teacher; Professor at Howard College

Dr Bryan talks about his decision to become a professor at Howard College and his experiences there.
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The Transition from East Lake to Homewood

Dr Bryan talks about the transition of Howard College from the East Lake Campus to the current campus in Homewood, Alabama, as well as discussion his relationship with Major Davis.
Samford University
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More on life as a student at Howard

Dr Bryan shares more stories from his time as a student at Howard College.
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Changes to Howard during WWII

Dr Bryan explains some of the changes to the curriculum at Howard College and the Navy V-12 program during World War II.
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Life as a Professor; Expectations and changes to the Curriculum.

Dr Bryan talks more about his time as a professor at Samford University, and explains what was expected of him, and the changes to the courses and curriculum during his time there.
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Reflections on University Presidents

Dr Bryan reflects on the lives of three presidents of Howard College and Samford University from his perspective as both a student and as a professor.
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Baptist Student Choir

Dr Bryan talks about his involvement with the BSU Choir at Samford University.
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Dr Bryan talks about H-Day at Samford University, and details his involvement with the program.
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The Impact of Christianity on Samford

Dr Bryan reflects on how the Christian character of Samford has shaped the school. He also talks about what makes Samford different from other Christian schools.
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Audio Information
InterviewerBrian Kessler
IntervieweeDr Sigurd Bryan
RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection