Published on November 10, 2017  
Samford Hall, dedicated on April 29, 1955, was the first building completed on the Homewood campus. The cornerstone-laying dedication ceremony marked the beginning of great things to come. Listen to Bill Mathis '56 read his account of the event, penned that spring evening back in his dorm room on the soon-to-be "old" East Lake campus. 5Unknown DateSamford Hall: Bill MathisSamford University Oral History CollectionBill MathisSamford-Hall-Bill-Mathis.mp31:|9(8)0 MATHIS: A great day in the history of Howard. I worked on floats the night before until 2 o'clock. Our senior float was a tale of two cities, Marion and Birmingham. School spirit was magnificent. Cooperation was unexcelled. Classes were cut intentionally and freely to work on floats. Sleep was scarce or unheard of. But energy seemed to be inexhaustive. A sense of being part of some great, momentous, historical event made every heart throb with joy. Through all this, there was a renewal of vows. A rededication of time and talents and a renewing and re-surrendering of the self to the purpose of higher education and to the higher power. Thank God for Howard. May it live long. audio0