Published on November 7, 2018 

Hunan Red Peppers

". . . like in different countries, they all have their own style of Chinese food which is not real Chinese food. But they call that, they call that Chinese food."


Introduction: Shopping at an Asian Market

Yujin Zhou shows Jessica Brewer and Lillie Mermoud around an Asian supermarket.
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Chinese Food in Other Countries

Yujin Zhou talks about cooking in his family and the differences between authentic Chinese food and Chinese food in other countries.
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The Hunan Style of Cooking

Jesssica Brewer and Lillie Mermoud describe Hunan cuisine, the history of soy sauce, and the recipe for Yujin’s pork chili.
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Cooking Pork Chili with Yujin Zhou and Reflection

Yujin Zhou shows Jessica Brewer and Meri Cashion how to make Hunan-style pork chili, and the interviewers reflect upon what they learned from their interview.
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RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection