Published on September 16, 2018 at 8:08 p.m. 

Music in the Magic City

"That's where the great part of the job, for us, is where you're making these connections and you're meeting people from all over the country and they have all these different diverse tastes, because we always ask, 'Is there anything particular?' because we're trying to figure out who they are. . . really what we're doing is we're trying to establish a personal connection."


Introduction: The Resurgence of Records

Michelle Little and Claire Davis introduce the topic of vinyl records in a digital age and, with Chase Trautwein, discuss possible reasons for the revival of analog audio.
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Marian McKay and Charlemagne Records

Marian McKay shares the origins of her record store, Charlemagne Records, Birmingham’s oldest record store, and offers insight vinyl as an art and as a facilitator of community.
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Gary Bourgeois and Jimmy Griffin and Renaissance Records

Gary Bourgeois and Jimmy Griffin of Renaissance Records reiterate the importance of community and personal connection in the record business.
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Eric and Eugene Bates and Bates Brothers Recording

Switching gears from record stores to a recording studio, Eric and Eugene Bates, founders of Bates Brothers Recording, talk about the importance of “people skills” in recording. Michelle Little and Claire Davis wrap up with some final thoughts on analog’s popularity.
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