Published on November 1, 2018 

Nigeria Cassava

"More demand for cassava will lead to more planting. More planting will lead to more exportation. More exportation will lead to more money that can be used to improve the overall living conditions of impoverished inhabitants of developing countries."


Introduction: Nigeria’s History and Politics

Spencer Bissel and Johnathan Lawson give an overview of Nigeria’s deep-rooted history, its tumultuous politics of the recent past, and its hopes for the future.
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Amam Rochas and Nigeria

After telling Spencer and Johnathan about his family, Amam Rochas discusses his father’s dedication to bettering Nigeria and his own aspirations to do the same.
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Cassava and Its Impact on the Nigerian Economy

Amam Rochas makes drinking garri, one of the many products made from cassava, and Johnthan and Spencer explain the various culinary and economic uses of cassava.
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Cooking Fried Plantains with Amam Rochas

Amam Rochas shows Spencer Bissell and Johnathan Lawson how to cook fried plantains.
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RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection