Published on March 1, 2019 

"That’s the biggest challenge to education, to knowledge, and the idea that my worldview somehow disqualifies my understanding of the world, or worse, my worldview tells me that your understanding of the world is disqualified, that’s where we get into trouble. But having a worldview is not automatically a bad thing."


Introduction: Identity in Faith, Identity in History

Claire Davis and Michelle Little introduce Dr. Anthony Minnema's Faith and History course, and Dr. Minnema explains his goals for the class.
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Religious and Academic Approaches to Faith and History

Mia Owens and Shawny Tucker discuss the differing approaches to faith and history, presented by Rabbi Yossi Friedman and Professor Tim Smith.
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The Challenges of Faith and History

Rabbi Yossi Friedman and Dr. Tim Smith discuss the challenges of incorporating between faith and history.
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Audio Information
InterviewerShawny Tucker
IntervieweeDr. Tim Smith
RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection