Published on December 3, 2014 by Darin White  

In the off-season, before, during, and after a game, social media allows fans to engage with the players, coaches, and staff of their favorite team as well as other fans; communicating their thoughts and emotions as a way to feel connected to the team creating a status for themselves no one can touch.

Social media reach breakdowns by conference

Our findings

Social Media Reach by Conference
ConferenceOverall Reach
1. SEC 6,435,437
2. Big 10 5,811,674
3. ACC 4,064,936
4. Big 12 2,553,222
5. PAC 12 2,501,221

THE SEC RULES SOCIAL MEDIA -- Regardless of which team you pull for or the conference your favorite team plays in, it's safe to say the Southeastern Conference represents a highly passionate fan base.  The fans embody the results the SEC has had in college football over the last decade (winning 7 of the last 8 National Championships) and enjoy sharing their thoughts on social media.

Both on the field and in the social media world, statistics support the idea that the SEC has the most loyal (and arguably the best) fan base in college football.  Through the analysis of social media, SEC fans have the largest presence of the Power 5 conferences, controlling 30% of the  21,366,490 fans on the top three social media platforms. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

*For teams without a football account, the general athletic account was used in the calculations