Lynda J. Jentsch
Professor of Spanish
Howard College of Arts and Sciences
World Languages and Cultures
Office: 123B Russell Hall
Phone: 205-726-2582

Dr. Jentsch received her B.A. (Spanish major/French minor) from Kutztown State College (PA), where she also took classes in Russian. She is currently studying German. She received her M.A. in Spanish and her PhD in Spanish and Portuguese from Vanderbilt University. Dr. Jentsch serves as Program Director for Spanish and teaches courses on all levels, including Medical Spanish and the senior capstone course. Her area of interest is 20th century Peninsular and Latin American poetry. Dr. Jentsch is the translator of Writing in the Air: Heterogeneity and the Persistence of Oral Tradition in Andean Literatures by Antonio Cornejo Polar (Duke UP). She has also translated and published several poems by the Peruvian poet, Carlos Orihuela.

Dr. Jentsch advises Spanish Language and Literature first majors. She was the faculty sponsor of Sigma Delta Pi, the national Spanish honor society for 25 years. She also serves as the evaluator for written and oral final exams for Portuguese 101-202 classes (offered through Samford’s Critical Languages Program) and has taught PORT 103, 351, and 352. Dr. Jentsch has traveled widely in Europe and Latin America, serving regularly as Professor-in-Residence in Samford's study abroad programs in Spain and Costa Rica and accompanying students to the Peruvian Amazon, Ecuador, and the Czech Republic.

Degrees and Certifications

  • B.A., Kutztown State College
  • M.A., Vanderbilt University
  • Ph.D., Vanderbilt University