About Geography

From the Greek word meaning “earth writing,” geography is the study of place and space. Geographers ask where things are located on the surface of the earth, why they are located where they are, how places differ from one another, and how people interact with the environment. With roots in the ancient world, geography is an integrative discipline that straddles the science-social science-humanities divide and is centrally concerned with the nature and significance of the places, patterns, and landscapes that make up the earth’s surface.


Meghan McCollum
Long before I knew my own strengths, my professors took a vested interest in my passions and challenged me to go beyond the textbook. They taught me that being a geographer was more than being a walking atlas, but being able to recognize the complexities of the world around us, and to always be curious. Meghan McCollum, 2013 U.S. Rotary Global Scholar

About Sociology

Sociology equips students with the skills and knowledge to explore the social world, inspires them to lives that build flourishing human communities and provides students exceptional and engaging learning experiences. Our purpose is to nurture the intellectual and personal development of students, with special attention to the following competencies: 1.) the ability to analyze the powerful and pervasive impact of social context on individual behaviors and outcomes; 2.) the capacity to conceive and articulate structural explanations to account for societal and institutional outcomes (e.g., persistent social stratification); and 3.) the skill to interpret, construct, and evaluate empirical arguments about social reality.


morgan mitchell
Sociology has opened so many doors for me. I was able to conduct my own research and present it at a regional conference with many other professionals and students in sociology. Because of all of the hands-on experience I've had I am confident that I would be prepared for graduate school or any other career that I could imagine. Morgan Mitchell, Howard College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador


Photo prisoners-friend-thumb.jpg
New Play Explores Life of Howard College Namesake
English professor David Chapman, former dean of the university’s Howard College of Arts and Sciences, has produced a play inspired by the college’s namesake, 18th-century English humanitarian John Howard, who dedicated his life to the cause of prison reform. 
Photo Fournier.jpg
Fournier Honored for Outstanding Service to Geography
Samford geography profesor Eric Fournier received the award at the annual conference of the Southeastern Association of American Geographers, where five Samford students presented their research. 
Photo Rosalind Picard
Samford To Host Computer Science Pioneer Rosalind Picard Oct. 4
Picard–inventor, electrical engineer, and founder and director of MIT’s Affective Computing Research Group–will describe building technology to help people manage stress, illness and autism, inventing sensors to measure emotion, making life-changing discoveries and facing the challenging question of what it means to be human.