The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers learning experiences and relationships within a Christian community, so that each participant may develop personal empowerment as we learn to communicate effectively across cultures, mature as disciplined scholars and develop enlightened insights and international awareness.

Students will develop their academic and career competency, as they become proficient in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing the world's languages.

As a Spanish major and World Languages and Cultures minor, I have not only been taught Spanish and French, but I've been taught how to learn languages in general. I've also gained a deeper appreciation for foreign cultures and peoples in all of my classes. Andrew Crosson - U.S. Foreign Service, Mexico and Thailand

Our students will develop social and civic responsibility, as they become role models of cross-cultural understanding.

The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers learning experiences for students to develop ethical and spiritual strength,as we acknowledge a God whose love transcends linguistic and cultural barriers; build value systems that celebrate the diversity and fraternity of God's world; commit ourselves to lives of integrity and service to all God's people, and continuously to improve the effectiveness of the department, the campus, and the community, as together we strive to build bridges to the world.


Photo Tournees.png
Samford to Host Tournées French Film Festival Nov. 5-19
The Tournées Film Festival uses an interdisciplinary approach to grow and broaden the audience for French cinema, including students who are not studying French or who are not familiar with French culture. 
Photo The Barque of Dante, by Eugène Delacroix
Samford Gathers Scholars for Dante Conference
The TCIT project seeks to promote a national conversation about the place of the Christian intellectual tradition in higher education. In particular, it seeks to help faculty from across the disciplines to develop effective strategies for teaching this tradition, cultivating younger scholars who are still mastering their craft while providing opportunities for more experienced faculty to explore new pedagogies. 
Photo Albert Russell Ascoli and Theodore J. Cachey, Jr.
Samford to Host Distinguished Scholars for Teaching Dante Conference Oct. 25-27
Samford will host two distinguished scholars of the medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri for the third Teaching the Christian Intellectual Tradition Conference: Teaching Dante, Oct. 25-27.