Program Summary

The WLAC Spanish Major embraces a multicultural vision of the world. The major is designed to give students proficiency in the oral and written language, to acquaint them with Hispanic and Latino cultures, as well as to develop their skills in cultural, literary and linguistic analysis. Our Spanish courses provide the opportunity to develop advanced linguistic proficiency and increase cross-cultural understanding. Through a deeper understanding of the Spanish language, our students are better prepared to effectuate change, foster understanding and communicate in the increasingly multicultural, transnational, and global contexts that define Hispanic cultures and US/Latin American relations today.

Objectives & Goals


  • Spanish and Latin American History and Literature
  • Latino Literature
  • Hispanic Art
  • Spanish-speaking cultures
  • Latin American Music
  • Spanish and Latin American Film
  • Spanish and Latin American Theater
  • European and Latin American Business and Politics (and the role of US/Latin American relations)
  • International Relations
  • Business practices in Spanish-speaking contexts
  • Religion and Philosophy in Spanish


  • Communication - Advanced language proficiency in the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Collaboration - Students use their native and acquired languages to learn from and work cooperatively across cultures with global team members, sharing responsibility and making necessary compromises while working toward a common goal
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving - Students frame, analyze and synthesize information as well as negotiate meaning across language and culture in order to explore problems and issues from their own and different perspectives
  • Information Literacy - Students access, manage and effectively use culturally-authentic sources in ethical and legal ways
  • Media Literacy - Students evaluate authentic sources to understand how media reflect and influence language and culture
  • Technology Literacy - Students use appropriate technologies when interpreting messages, interacting with others and producing written, oral and visual messages
  • Initiative and Self-Direction - Students set their own goals and reflect on their progress as they grow and improve their linguistic and cultural competence
  • Social and Cross-Cultural Skills - Students understand diverse cultural perspectives and use appropriate socio-linguistic skills in order to function in diverse cultural and linguistic contexts
  • Leadership and Responsibility - Students leverage their linguistic and cross-cultural skills to inspire others to be fair, accepting, open and understanding within and beyond the local community

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Is This Program for Me?

Are you someone who...

  • enjoys learning about new cultures?
  • enjoys communicating with people from other cultures?
  • thinks it would be cool to be able to do your job/profession in two languages?
  • would like to speak to your future patients/clients in their native language?
  • enjoys travel?
  • loves the Spanish language?
  • thinks Spanish sounds cool?
  • has a great sense of humor?
  • wants to foster greater understanding between cultures?
  • wants to minister to the Latino community in the US?
  • enjoys trying new foods?
  • loves to read?
  • loves to talk?
  • plans on getting involved in politics?
  • is open to new experiences?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, come join us as our newest Spanish major. Help us make a difference and build bridges across cultures into today’s world.

What Makes Us Different?

In our Spanish Program, our faculty cares deeply about students. We have smaller class sizes so that we can get to know you, help you succeed in your goals, and prepare you for your future. In our language classes we work in small groups to encourage individual expression and to build proficiency.

Samford In Spain
Students have the choice of studying for five weeks (8 credits) or nine weeks (16 credits) in Madrid or Salamanca at Samford’s affiliate institution in Spain, Estudio Internacional Sampere. Both locations allow students to experience fully the daily life of a bustling capital city or university.

Career Preparation

Market Ready

  • Advanced Proficiency in the Spanish Language
  • Cultural Competency related to living and working in a Spanish-speaking context
  • Prepare students for advanced studies in Spanish and academic programs related to their field of interest
  • Facilitate contacts between students and Hispanic businesses in Alabama and the Southeast
  • Provide opportunities to further your Spanish skills in the medical, teaching, business and legal professions

Career Opportunities

  • Business - Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Human Resources
  • Education - Teaching, Administration
  • History
  • Immigration Law
  • International Affairs / International Relations
  • Law
  • Philosophy
  • Public Policy
  • Publishing
  • Religion
  • Tourism
  • Translation / Interpretation