Samford University's standard general education curriculum requires study of a second language and culture through the intermediate level. Many students remain in the Department of World Languages and Cultures as majors, and many more pursue language minors as a way to add intercultural value to other Samford majors.  The department leads all students in exploration of global community as they prepare for careers in any professions that value those who can build bridges between world cultures. 

With expert faculty mentors, internship opportunities, Christian fellowship, active language clubs, special activities, extensive connections to external language resources and transformative international study programs in French, German, Spanish, students find everything they need to become informed and ethical intercultural leaders. 

Study Abroad

International study is one of Samford’s oldest and most transformative language experiences. Students typically live with local families during their stay, and participate in a variety of cultural enrichment activities outside of the classroom.

  • Samford in France students participate in an intensive language and culture program through CEA at the Université Grenoble-Alpes, where over 3,000 students from seventy different nations study each year.
  • Samford in Germany students spend 6 weeks in small, individualized classes at Sprachinstitut Treffpunkt in Bamberg, a UNESCO World Heritage city.
  • Samford in Spain students participate in a 5-8 week intensive language and culture program through ISA at their Seville Study Center located in Seville, Spain.

Language Placement Test

Unless students are beginning a new world language at the 101-level that they have never before studied, all undergraduate students at Samford must take a language placement test and follow the language course placement recommendation of the Department of World Languages and Cultures. Send an e-mail to for language-specific placement test information and registration procedures.

Language Technology Forum

The Grace Marquéz Language Technology Forum (116 Russell Hall) is the place where language learning and technology come together. It’s also the place where classroom knowledge is put into practice and conversational skills are developed.

What We Have

  • 24 laptop computers
  • language software installed on computers
  • board and card games in different languages
  • ROKU with access to international TV
  • 10-player buzzer set for adding competition to the learning process
  • optical drives for language software and DVDs
  • 16 headsets with microphones
  • seating for 24
  • projection system
  • Solstice for wireless access to projection system
  • HDTV
  • Digital cameras


Photo Dean Halls 2022 Welcome Back
HCAS Welcomes New Faculty For The 2022-2023 School Year
On Wednesday, Dean Timothy Hall welcomed some new faces and acknowledged staff that have been promoted during his annual Welcome Back event.  
Photo Alfombra
Students Add Guatemalan Tradition to Holy Week at Samford
Members of Samford’s Spanish Club helped celebrate La Semana Santa (the Christian Holy Week) with a chalk drawing representing a traditional Guatemalan alfombra. 
Photo Moltman
Department Hosts German General Consul
Melanie Moltmann, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Southeastern United States, spoke to a group of 20 students and faculty about the new governing coalition in Germany and the importance of Germany’s diplomatic relations with the United States.