During the fall semester of 2016, S.T.O.R.I. partnered with Dr. Carlos Alemán’s History of Immigration class. The students were tasked with conducting an oral history interview with someone that immigrated to the United States. For their final semester project, students produced podcasts that explored one person’s history of immigration.

Photo Education Chinese Immigration Experience
Education and the Chinese Immigration Experience
Students Kloe Freeman and Mallory Killam produced this podcast, interviewing Dr. Jing Wu about the difference in cultures and education between the two countries. 
Photo Ashfaq Taufique
Immigration and Islamophobia
Student Nathan Saab interviews Imam Ashfaq Taufique regarding his experiences as a Pakistani immigrant in the United States. From college mishaps to the growing presence of Islamophobia after 9/11, Imam Taufique's experience stresses the importance of curiosity in interfaith communities.  
Photo Oliver Barreau
A Narrative of Luck and Roots
In this podcast, students Jenny Cockerham and Jessica McKee interview fellow student Oliver Barreau, a Haitian immigrant who moved to the United States as a child. With his feet in two different worlds, he describes his experience growing up in Haiti, New York City, and Birmingham as well as finding his identity.