Orlean Beeson School of Education students are actively engaged in experiential learning combining classroom theory with hours upon hours of experience in K-12 schools, family agencies, and in shadowing the best school leaders ensuring that our graduates are not only successful but the best. Their jobs of working with children, adolescents and families are too important to offer less.

How do we maintain this quality while being enriched in a Christian environment? For faculty, staff and students, numerous partnerships, grants, travel to conferences and abroad assist in maintaining our highest standards in a faith based community. Donors who invest in scholarships, academic programs and enhanced learning spaces allow us to continue, and even increase, the tremendous impact Samford Education graduates have on this world. You can help us transform lives!

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Academic Programs

New Endowed Chair or Professor Positions

An endowed position provides funds to help further student experiences. The gift means more resources for students, faculty and staff, and allows our school to ensure all teaching and programs are at the highest academic and professional level.

Student, Faculty and Community Development

Gifts to support Academic Programs within the Orlean Beeson School of Education provide our faculty and students with the resources necessary to pursue research and scholarly activity, as well as grow our community partnership initiatives. These experiences allow students and faculty to excel in their field and enhance education for all.

Places and Spaces

Built in 1978, our building needs technology updates and renovations to enhance our educational environment. As we continually enrich our educational experience, we identify opportunities to improve our learning spaces through the renewal of necessary facilities and classroom spaces.


Through departmental scholarships, minority scholarships and freshman scholarships, we hope to provide our students, both present and future, with aid to help them during their years at Samford.

Departmental Scholarships

With 4 departments and 24 programs of study, our Orlean Beeson School of Education students are shaped by exemplary leadership, and guided by expert faculty. Scholarships to support one of our departments or programs of study invest directly in allowing students called to this area an opportunity to pursue their calling.

Freshmen Scholarships

As incoming freshmen, our Orlean Beeson School of Education students enter their collegiate experience passionate about their choice to pursue a career investing in children and families. For some, their dreams become reality through the availability of scholarships specifically supporting their first year experience. Gifts to this scholarship afford our freshmen students the much needed financial support necessary to pursue their dreams.

Minority Scholarships

This scholarship is designed to ensure Orlean Beeson School of Education minority students are able to experience the world-class education available at Samford University. The scholarship seeks to overcome financial barriers to a valuable education. 

Samford University School of Education International Internships Scholarship

The intent of this scholarship is to support School of Education students enrolled in the Teacher Education Curriculum to enable/support their participation in international internships in developing countries allowing them to work as teacher assistants/interns in schools that serve local (primarily underserved) children.

Solid Foundation

Faithful, annual gifts to support our School of Education Excellence fund allows our school to provide scholarships and academic program resources where the needs are greatest. We encourage our donors to make annual tribute gifts honoring your favorite educator. As you reflect on your own educational experience, we ask to you make a tribute gift to Samford University’s Orlean Beeson School of Education in honor (or memory) of someone who has been most influential in your own life. We encourage you to think of all those who may have made such an impact, from your first grade teacher, to your Sunday school leader, to your favorite professor second semester senior year.

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