Theta Alpha Kappa Honor Society

Samford students may be inducted into the Alpha Iota Epsilon chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa, the National Honor Society for religion and theology. Since the induction of its first class of members in 2008, Samford’s chapter of TAK has played a vital role in helping students integrate the academic study of Christian and religious studies with a commitment to faith. This commitment continues today through TAK’s hosting of various academic lectures and especially its sponsorship of Christian Faith and Critical Thought Colloquia in the fall and spring of each academic year. To qualify for membership in Theta Alpha Kappa, students must have completed a minimum of twelve semester hours in religion courses (RELG or UCBP), while maintaining a 3.65 GPA in those courses. Additionally, students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher in their total academic program and must rank in the top 35% of their class at the time of induction. Students’ academic records are reviewed on an annual basis to determine their eligibility for membership in TAK. Students who believe they may have met the qualifications for entry into TAK or who are interested in learning more about Samford’s TAK chapter may contact the chapter’s faculty moderator, Rony Kozman.


We are privileged to give seven awards at the end of each academic year.

Herman Ross Arnold Award

The Herman Ross Arnold Award is endowed in memory of this Baptist minister, who served in Alabama for fifty-three years. It is given to the graduating ministerial students who, in the opinion of department faculty and students, have best exemplified Christian humility and unselfish service and have best applied to the improvement of the mind. Since 2004 it is typically given to two students a year.

Community of Scholars Award

The Community of Scholars Award is given each year to a student who has made significant contributions to the development of scholarly community within the Department of Biblical and Religious Studies. It is typically given to a junior. In the spring of odd-numbered years, this takes the form of the Theta Alpha Kappa Undergraduate Achievement Award. This award was first given in 2009.

Cowley Award

The Cowley award is named for former missionary and religious education professor William Cowley. It is given to a student demonstrating excellence in scholarship, leadership, and commitment to ministry.

Vernon Davison Award

The Vernon Davison Award is endowed in honor of former professor Dr. Vernon C. Davison and is given by department faculty for excellence in Biblical languages. This award is given to a student who has completed at least four semesters of Biblical languages, has excelled in those courses, and has given evidence that his or her knowledge of Biblical languages will contribute to the effectiveness of his or her entire Christian ministry.

Samford Sunday Award

The Samford Sunday Award is given in gratitude to the student director or directors who oversee the Samford Sunday preaching program. Directors network with Alabama churches and coordinate Sunday preaching opportunities for Samford students. This program was inaugurated in 1948 by Samford ministerial students, and it celebrates ongoing relationships between the university, the Alabama Baptist Convention, and churches from other denominations. Directors play a vital role in representing the department and the university to our wider constituents in local churches. This award was instituted in 2013.

Talley-Windsor Award

This endowed award is made annually to graduating seniors who are preparing for a church-related vocation and who have demonstrated both performance and promise. It is given to students who have shown initiative, compassion, and who have been involved in a Baptist church. It is typically given to two students a year.

Carlton F. Whirley Award

The Carlton F. Whirley award is given to the graduating senior who has already committed himself or herself to a career in missions, who in his or her life as a college student has demonstrated commitment to missions, and who through his or her school work has expressed commitment to learning. Three areas in the student’s life are embraced in these qualifications: scholarship, the practice of missions here and now, and commitment to a career in missions in the future. These qualifications reflect the life of Dr. Carlton F. Whirley, who for 33 years served faithfully as a Southern Baptist missionary to Nigeria.