About Geography

Samford University’s geography program offers an interdisciplinary approach to studying the nature and significance of the places, patterns and landscapes that make up the earth’s surface. Our students are prepared for careers addressing major trends in our world, including globalization, GIS and the expansion of other geographic technologies that have become part of our everyday lives, and the demand for people who can apply interdisciplinary learning to significant problems.


Meghan McCollum
Long before I knew my own strengths, my professors took a vested interest in my passions and challenged me to go beyond the textbook. They taught me that being a geographer was more than being a walking atlas, but being able to recognize the complexities of the world around us, and to always be curious. Meghan McCollum, 2013 U.S. Rotary Global Scholar

About Sociology

Samford University’s sociology program helps students develop the knowledge and skills required to engage with all aspects of social interaction on the way to careers that help graduates build flourishing communities in fields such as sociology, health care, social work, social policy analysis, industrial relations, law enforcement and many others. Our fast track option allows students to earn a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master’s degree in social work in only five years.

All courses, research opportunities and personal mentoring in the disciplines of geography and sociology combine to give our graduates a unique professional advantage in whatever career they choose!


morgan mitchell
Sociology has opened so many doors for me. I conducted my own research and presented it at a regional conference with other sociology students and professionals. Because of all of the hands-on experience I've had I am confident that I'm prepared for graduate school or any other career I can imagine. Morgan Mitchell, Howard College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador


Photo Jordan Cissell
Cissell to Present Research Talk Oct. 6
Mapping the Past, Present, and Future of Caribbean Mangrove Forests with GIS and Remote Sensing will describe Cissell’s work on a Smithsonian Institution and Mesoamerican Reef Fund project. 
Photo Jordan Cissell
Mapping Project Helps Conserve Environment, Empower Communities
Geography professor Jordan Cissell is part of a Smithsonian Institution and Mesoamerican Reef Fund project providing powerful tools and training to help conserve the Mesoamerican Reef (MAR) ecoregion 
Photo ArcGIS Update
Geography Faculty Lead Interdisciplinary ArcGIS Exploration
Geographic information systems (GIS) in general and the cloud-based ArcGIS technology in particular offer tools and data that can inform and enrich virtually any professional field.