Historians pose important questions about our world and search for deep explanations. History majors learn to think critically, to research well, and to communicate effectively. They tell the story of all of us–who we are and where we’ve been, what we’ve thought and said and done–so we can preserve our past and help shape our future.

Every other academic discipline depends on historical explanations for their work. The history major has long been the choice of undergraduates seeking to develop a well-informed, sophisticated understanding of the world around us.

History classes at Samford are taught by award-winning teachers and acclaimed scholars. Our majors are on the leading edge of undergraduate research at Samford, connecting our campus to the community and the wider world.

Nancy Lipham
"I enjoyed not only the subject matter I studied but also the professors and the interaction between them and the students. When I left Samford I felt I was leaving my second home." Nancy Lipham - Senior Vice President, Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors

A history major prepares students for a broad range of careers and graduate degrees. Skills in research, critical thinking, and communication are valued by employers in many fields.


Photo ACTC Conference
Samford To Co-Sponsor Conference on Liberal Education in the Time of COVID-19
The ACTC is dedicated to fostering the use of world classics and other texts of major cultural significance in undergraduate education. Samford shares in that mission through the Cultural Perspectives courses that are the common foundation for all of its undergraduate degree programs. 
Photo The seal of Samford University
Seminar Promotes Discussion of Toleration in Free Society
Samford’s History Department and Political Science Department co-hosted a seminar on "Toleration in Free Society" sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS,) a libertarian non-profit organization that provides programming and financial support for scholars and students. 
Photo DeVries Book
In New Book, DeVries Tells Global Economic Story Through History of Cairo Suburb
A new book by Samford history professor Annie DeVries documents the history of the affluent Cairo suburb of Maadi as a way to describe the global economic influences that shaped modern Egypt.