Published on December 30, 2018  
B.D. Oglestree's word cloud

"Put it in the cart, run it on through, a lot of improvement. Kinda like it is now. You mash a button on it now. You used to have to get it. A man’s strength."



B.D. Oglestree describes his early life and his children.
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Jobs in the Coal Mines

B.D. Oglestree recalls some of the jobs in the coal mine and what it was like to work there.
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Life in Docena

B.D. Oglestree recalls day to day life in Docena.
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May Day

B.D. Oglestree describes the annual May Day festival.
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Children’s Activities

B.D. Oglestree describes some common activities for children, especially boy scouts.
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Docena Churches

B.D. Oglestree recalls the different denominations of churches in Docena.
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The Docena Economy

B.D. Oglestree describes the quality of the commissary and buying groceries on credit.
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The Union

B.D. Oglestree recalls the formation of the union and strikes.
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B.D. Oglestree clarifies the details of wages and salaries for mine work.
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Union Politics

B.D. Oglestree recalls race relations and politics within the union.
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Health Care

B.D. Oglestree describes the company-provided health care.
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Changes in the Mine and Safety Concerns

B.D. Oglestree describes some of the changes in mining work.
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Hours and Wages

B.D. Oglestree explains the shift system in the mines and recalls changes in wages from the Depression to the Seventies.
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TCI Services

B.D. Oglestree discusses the support that TCI offered while the mine was closed during the Depression, as well as other forms of employment during that time.
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Audio Information
InterviewerRonnie Boulware
IntervieweeB.D. Oglestree
RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection