Published on December 30, 2018  

E.L. McFee's word cloud"These people were very likable, hard-working, and that’s hard work, dangerous living. They felt pretty close to each other. They helped each other, somebody in the community got in trouble, then food, whatever was needed, the whole community rallied in that direction."


Edgewater Methodist Church South and Docena

E.L. McFee explains his affiliation with Edgewater Methodist Church South and his role preaching at Docena and Edgewater.
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Docena's Church

E.L. McFee describes the church at Docena and his role in it.
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Challenges in the Docena Congregation

E.L. McFee describes some of his difficulties during his time as pastor in Docena, including a small congregation, a pervasive fatalism, and the abundance of injuries from mine work.
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Memories of the Docena Congregation

E.L. McFee recalls memories from Docena.
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The Town of Docena and Closing Remarks

E.L. McFee describes some facets of life in Docena, including education and politics, and makes some final comments on his experiences.
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Audio Information
InterviewerJim Nogalski
IntervieweeE.L. McFee
RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection