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Amanda McPhail
After graduating from Samford, I joined Teach for America, teaching high school mathematics at a public school in inner-city Miami.  
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Christen Sloderbeck
My favorite aspect of my job is my relationship with my students and their families. In my role as the gifted specialist, I have the privilege of working with the same students for multiple years. I love getting to watch them grow through the years and getting to know their individual personalities. 
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Matthew Kiser
Samford exposed me to cutting-edge practitioners in the field of education and kept me abreast to current trends in education.  The on-going partnership between Samford and local schools and districts allowed for students to have a clear understanding of what is needed to effectively lead schools. 
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Betsy Box
My favorite Samford memory is my first education class when the professor prayed and thanked God that we were following His calling to be teachers. Until then, I hadn’t thought of my career in teaching as a calling. 
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Catherine Finkley
Samford provided me with a rigorous academic program that encompassed real world projects and situations that I easily connected to my daily career. In addition, Samford allowed me to network with colleagues whom I still keep in touch with today. The relationships that I have built throughout my time at Samford have been incredibly helpful to me in my career. 
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Jennifer Carroll
My advice to Samford students is listen to your heart. Seek God with all your heart and He will lead you on a fulfilling life journey. Invest in true friendships. They will last a lifetime. 
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Mandy Fox
The gifted classroom took the limitations that were in the regular classroom due to testing and mandated curriculum off of me. No longer did I have constraints on my creativity with teaching students. I was able to ask them what they wanted to learn and explore those areas with them. I was able to cater to each student’s needs and find ways to help them grow and learn in areas of their social, emotional, and academic needs. I love it and will always love it!  
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