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Lindy Cleveland
After graduating from Samford in 2014, I moved back home to begin the next chapter of my life. My parents and grandparents all started their own businesses, so taking risks, stepping out in faith, preparing for failure and successes through an entrepreneurial adventure run deep in my family. I prayed for God’s guidance and sought wise counsel from professors, friends and ministry leaders. Slowly the dream began to take shape! 
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Mandy Jayne Antwine
Coming from a family filled with educators and Samford alumni, the journey to Samford was definitely a clear one; however, the journey to the field of education was not. The moment I changed my major to education, I knew that I was finally on the path God mapped for my life. After telling my father about my major change, he smiled as if he were not surprised. 
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Devyn Keith
The day that I won my race, Dr. Chandler was there working the poll. As I look back on every step of the way, it’s been Samford grad family that has helped me through. It’s just, I can’t even put into words the family aspect- The UNDESERVED family aspect. There probably would be no “youngest city councilman selected” if I didn’t come to Samford University, I believe that. 
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Anne Glaze Stone
I love talking about my journey from Samford. One of the advantages of having praying parents is that I eventually realized they were praying for me to find out how to become a useful contribution to society and to the Kingdom. Samford laid for me the educational, spiritual and social foundation that enabled me to recognize that calling and be prepared to serve in those ways.  
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JohnMark Edwards
The journey began fall of my senior year at the education department's annual teacher job fair. I remember it like it was yesterday; I was wearing the only suit I owned, I had my stack of resumes and I had scheduled interviews with as many schools as I could fit into a single job fair day. 
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Meghan Allen
Originally from Albany, Ga., Meghan graduated in 2009 from the Orlean Beeson School of Education with a degree in Early Childhood/Special/Elementary/Collaborative Education. 
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Jennifer Carroll
Jennifer Carroll is a '78 graduate from Samford University.