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Guide for Finding Full-Text Journal Articles

The guide below lists the steps for obtaining full-text articles based upon resources available at the Center for Healthcare Innovation and Patient Outcomes Research (CHIPOR), Davis Library and Internet resources. The steps should be accomplished in sequence.
  • CHIPOR Holdings. Check CHIPOR journal holdings
  • Davis Library Multi-Search To search for a full-text article, select the Multi-Search Tab, then enter a keyword within journal article, eg, within title, abstract, or body; or go to the "Advanced Search" link and enter search terms according to your search field, eg, author, title, abstract, etc. To search for a specific journal title, select the "Journals" tab, enter journal title or words within. Major CHIPOR journals are also listed in the Davis On-line Catalog (WebPAC). For finding full-text journals, an option would be to use the Full Text Journal Finder.
  • PubMed Single Citation Matcher  
  • Europe PubMed Central (UKs free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature; some overlap with NIH PubMed Central)
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) The request form for obtaining an article via ILL can be accomplished through the Internet to Davis; click here, fill out electronic form and submit it.

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