Established 1927 private school of pharmacy in the South U.S. News & World Report # 2 NAPLEX first-time pass rate (10-year average) 93 % Pass Rates Higher than State and National Averages MPJE first-time pass rate (10-year average) 95 % Pass Rates Higher than State and National Averages 94 % graduates employed in pharmacy, including residencies, within six months of graduation (three-year average) 90 % on-time graduation rate Class of 2019 123 (10-year average) graduates matched with an ASHP- accredited pharmacy residency Student-to-faculty ratio 11:1 Enrollment (Summer 2019) 464 Personalize Your Pharm.D. At McWhorter School of Pharmacy, students can personalize their Pharm.D. through these five distinctives: Global Engagement Study abroad courses, service learning trips and international rotations 15 affiliations, 12 countries, 5 continents Dual Degrees One of only six pharmacy schools in the United States offering this unique set Pharm.D./Master of Business Administration Pharm.D./Master of Public Health Pharm.D./Master of Science in Health Informatics Pharm.D./Master of Studies in Law, health law and policy concentration Pharm.D. with a graduate business minor Elective Courses More than 20 didactive electives and various international rotations Certificates Pharmacy-based immunizations and medication therapy management Research Opportunities Courses, summer internship and rotations graduates 37 % community pharmacy 30 % 33 % residency or fellowship 2018 2018 other

2018 NAPLEX First-Time Average Pass Rate

School: 91.8%
State: 84%
National: 88.4%

2018 MPJE First-Time Average Pass Rate

School: 89.5%
State: 86.9%
National: 82.6%

Graduates securing a PGY1 residency annually (past 5 years)

30 for 2017

2018 ASHP Match

School matches: 69%
National: 65%
Highest match rate of any school of pharmacy in Alabama