Samford University’s McWhorter School of Pharmacy recently implemented the third stage of a 10-year strategy titled, “A Culture of Excellence.” This third-phase strategic plan continues the school’s philosophy of embracing opportunities, challenging assumptions, and cultivating informed risk-taking. Each initiative in the plan relates to university priorities and names specific resources and responsible persons. The following priorities articulate the school’s approach to SURPASS: A Culture of Excellence. Under these seven areas, the school adopted 17 initiatives and 48 key performance indicators.

SURPASS Illustration

Support Academic Distinction

Samford Pharmacy distinguishes itself as part of a growing, comprehensive, Christ-centered university with rigorous and relevant undergraduate, graduate, and continuing studies programs that are innovative and led by faculty committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship, creativity, and service.

S-1 Increase NAPLEX and MPJE first-time pass rates well above national averages.
S-2 Enhance support of pharmacy students with academic difficulty.
S-3 Explore further opportunities for pharmacy students to personalize their Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Uphold Student Engagement & Success

Samford Pharmacy provides meaningful and creative opportunities for students to actively shape the school and university and their experiences through leadership,
service, social, spiritual, and wellness activities.

U-1 Develop new processes for onboarding first-year pharmacy students.
U-2 Reinvigorate pharmacy student involvement in extracurricular activities.

Revitalize Financial Stewardship and Strength

Samford Pharmacy stewards and grows its financial, physical, and technological resources to sustain excellence across the school in service to its mission and vision and that of the university.

R-1 Boost pharmacy student recruitment activities to address the burgeoning shortage of pharmacy graduates.
R-2 Grow pharmacy non-tuition revenue sources.
R-3 Complete the pharmacy Century Circle.

Promote Employee Elevation

Samford Pharmacy elevates the professional, economic, and spiritual growth and overall wellness of its employees as essential to reaching the school and university’s full potential.

P-1 Support competitive salaries and benefits for pharmacy faculty and staff.
P-2 Encourage work-life balance and wellness of pharmacy faculty and staff.
P-3 Enrich pharmacy faculty and staff appreciation, growth, and development.

Amplify Faith Formation

Samford Pharmacy encourages students and employees to grow in their Christian faith while extending the love of Christ to all.

A-1 Heighten activities related to faith and health.
A-2 Bolster awareness of ways for students to grow spiritually.

Stimulate Community Celebration, Engagement and Support

Samford Pharmacy celebrates the different experiences and perspectives students, employees, and alumni bring to the campus community.

STIM-1 Promote greater engagement with pharmacy alumni and other stakeholders.
STIM-2 Celebrate the McWhorter School of Pharmacy’s 100th anniversary.

Sustain Global Engagement

Samford Pharmacy positively influences the world through education, outreach, and service by preparing students to engage others through academic and cultural exchanges.

SUS-1 Extend pharmacy students’ opportunities to travel abroad.
SUS-2 Broaden pharmacy global connections throughout the world.