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Where You Get Your Pharm.D. Matters

A career in pharmacy is more than a job--it's a deeper calling to serve your neighbors, your community and the world. At Samford University's McWhorter School of Pharmacy we believe that Where You Get Your Pharm.D. matters and we encourage you to personalize your degree. Our goal is to provide you with a unique and individualized education that allows you to graduate well prepared and competitive for wherever you are called to serve. 

The personalized Pharm.D. starts with our unique learning environment. New facilities create an unparalleled setting for interprofesional education. These distinctive learning spaces, supplemented with cutting-edge technology, ensure that you are ready to be part of team-based care. In addition to being team-ready, we are committed to ensuring that you are ready to practice independently from day one. In addition to a number of certificate programs, we are pleased to offer a growing number of dual degree programs that allow you to further expand your career opportunities.  

Global engagement remains a defining characteristic of our school. Each year we have more than 100 pharmacy students travel abroad as part of mission trips, elective courses and advanced pharmacy practice experiences.  We have formal international affiliations with 20 institutions in 11 countries on 4 continents including, China, Great Britain, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Paraguay, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. 

A testament of our program is the accomplishments of our students and alumni. Our graduates consistently exceed national pass rates on the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX) as first time exam takers and achieve remarkable job placement before graduation. 

Why Samford?

  • McWhorter School of Pharmacy is ranked #2 private pharmacy school in the south and #53 nationally by U.S. News & World Report (2016).
  • Experience an integrated curriculum and vibrant student life.
  • Nationally recognized pharmacy specific student organizations that allow you to connect with your classmates and profession.
  • Pharmacy students provide over 250,000 hours of service annually through academic programming, cocurricular activities, student organizations and student involvement in various community initiatives.

Admission Requirements

Admission to McWhorter School of Pharmacy is competitive and all applications are considered on merit. 

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Early Decision through PharmCAS

McWhorter School of Pharmacy now offers Early Decision status through PharmCAS. The Early Decision program is a binding option for applicants who have decided that a particular pharmacy degree program is their first choice and that they will enroll if accepted. Learn more about Early Decision.


As a graduate, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and experience you need to render exemplary care and advance the practice and profession of pharmacy. Graduates consistently exceed national pass rates on the NAPLEX. Between 2006 and 2015, the average McWhorter School of Pharmacy first-time pass rate was 96.4%. McWhorter School of Pharmacy By the Numbers

Dual Degree Programs

Plan of Study & Clinical Requirements

Year 1Course Credits

Fall Semester (17 Credits Required)

PHRX 301 Intro Pharm Practice Experience (IPPE) I 1 Course Credit
PHRX 306 Cellular and Molecular Biochemistry 4 Course Credits
PHRX 307 Basics of Drug Information 1 Course Credit
PHRX 308 Physiologic Basis of Disease I 4 Course Credits
PHRX 313 Pharmaceutics I 4 Course Credits
PHRX 315 Introduction to Patient Care Systems 2 Course Credits
PHRX 320 Integrated Pharmacy Applications (IPA) I 1 Course Credit

Spring Semester (19 Credits Required)

PHRX 302 IPPE II 1 Course Credit
PHRX 303 IPPE III 1 Course Credit
PHRX 305 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Sciences 4 Course Credits
PHRX 309 Physiologic Basis of Disease II 4 Course Credits
PHRX 312 Institutional Practice/Sterile Compounding 2 Course Credits
PHRX 314 Pharmaceutics II 3 Course Credits
PHRX 316 Population Health 3 Course Credits
PHRX 321 IPA II 1 Course Credit
Total Required Credits: 36  
Year 2 

Fall Semester (16 credits required)

PHRX 403 Pharmacotherapy I 4 Course Credits
PHRX 405 Pharmaceutical Sciences I 4 Course Credits
PHRX 407 Biopharmaceutics / Pharmacokinetics 4 Course Credits
PHRX 415 Financial Management 3 Course Credits
PHRX 420 IPA III 1 Course Credit

Spring Semester (16-18 credits required)

PHRX 401 IPPE IV 2 Course Credits
PHRX 404 Pharmacotherapy II 4 Course Credits
PHRX 406 Pharmaceutical Sciences II 4 Course Credits
PHRX 410 Patient Self-Care and Monitoring I 3 Course Credits
PHRX 416 Ethics in Christianity and Health Care 2 Course Credits
PHRX 421 IPA IV 1 Course Credit
PHRX 450-409 Elective* 2 Course Credits
Year II Total Required Credits: 32-34  
Year 3 

Fall Semester (16-18 total credits required)

PHRX 500 Introduction to Capstone Project 1 Course Credit
PHRX 501 IPPE V 2 Course Credits
PHRX 503 Pharmacotherapy III 4 Course Credits
PHRX 505 Pharmaceutical Sciences III 4 Course Credits
PHRX 510 Patient Self-Care and Monitoring II 2 Course Credits
PHRX 515 Human Resource Management 3 Course Credits
PHRX 520 IPA V 1 Course Credit
PHRX 450-499 Elective* 2 Course Credits

Spring Semester (16-18 credits required)

PHRX 502 IPPE VI 2 Course Credit
PHRX 504 Pharmacotherapy IV 4 Course Credits
PHRX 513 Preparation for Patient Care 4 Course Credits
PHRX 516 Pharmacy Law 3 Course Credits
PHRX 527 Drug Literature Evaluation 2 Course Credits
PHRX 550 Capstone Project I 1 Course Credit
PHRX 450-499 Elective* 2 Course Credits
Year III Total Required Credits: 32-36  
Year 4 


Capstone Project (1 total credit required)  
PHRX 600 Capstone Project II 1 Course Credit

Required Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE)

PHRX 601 Ambulatory/Primary Care I 5 Course Credits
PHRX 620 General Medicine I 5 Course Credits
PHRX 650 Community Pharmacy I 5 Course Credits
PHRX 660 Institutional/Healthcare Systems I 5 Course Credits

Selective (1)/Elective (3) APPE (20 total credits required)

600-level Selective APPE 5 Course Credits
600-level Elective APPE 5 Course Credits
600-level Elective APPE 5 Course Credits
600-level Elective APPE      5 Course Credits
Year IV total required credits: 41  
Total required credits: 145  

 *Students must complete a total of 4 credits of electives (two, 2-credit electives) during two of the following semester options: Year II Spring, Year III Fall, Year III Spring.
**Students are required to take eight APPEs in nine possible time periods offered during the fourth year.

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