A career in pharmacy means dedicating yourself to a practice of serving others and a commitment to lifelong learning. Samford University's prepharmacy curriculum will equip you with an intensive foundational experience to help you do just that. 

Our prepharmacy curriculum is tailor-made for a successful transition into McWhorter School of Pharmacy's Doctor of Pharmacy program.  In addition to preparing you for graduate school, our customized plan of study offers knowledge about the pharmacy profession, practice, opportunities and requirements.

Why Samford?

Samford's prepharmacy curriculum is a true 2/4 program, meaning you can earn your Doctor of Pharmacy in six years after earning your high school degree.

  • All prepharmacy students are advised by McWhorter School of Pharmacy's Director of Admission, providing you with direct contact with the admission office while completing your prepharmacy curriculum.
  • Students who receive annual renewable Samford scholarships as an entering freshmen can keep their scholarships all four years, including their first two years of pharmacy school.
  • Earn a B.S. in Pharmacy Studies upon the completion of your second year of pharmacy school, enabling you to pursue dual degrees.
  • An undergraduate elective course is offered once a year for prepharmacy students with the purpose of exploring the dynamic career opportunities in pharmacy.
  • Free tutoring help is provided by current Doctor of Pharmacy students who completed the prepharmacy curriculum.
  • Numerous student organizations, including a Prepharmacy Club

Admission Requirements

To apply to Samford, go to samford.edu/admission/apply.

Incoming freshmen must have a minimum ACT (or SAT equivalent) score of 22 to be eligible to declare prepharmacy as the plan of study. Incoming freshmen with an ACT (or SAT equivalent) score below 22 may request a change into prepharmacy after two semesters of coursework at Samford if the student has earned an overall minimum GPA and math/science GPA of 3.0.  

During your sophomore year, you can apply for admission to McWhorter School of Pharmacy's Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Early Assurance Program

Samford offers a unique pathway to pharmacy school, inviting a select group of incoming freshmen who enter Samford directly from high school to participate in the Early Assurance Program. After a minimum of two years of prepharmacy coursework, students selected for this program are assured admission to our Doctor of Pharmacy program, provided they meet the following requirements.

Entering Requirements:

  • Enroll at Samford as a first time, full-time freshman
  • Must have a minimum 26 ACT and a 3.5 GPA (high school) at time of matriculation

Benchmarks once enrolled at Samford:

  • Hold a 3.0 Overall and math/science GPA at the time of application to the McWhorter School of Pharmacy
  • Complete all University Core and Science courses at Samford*
  • A successful interview (that results in approval of admission by the admission committee)
  • All prerequisite courses to be completed in two (2) academic years.*
Student selected for the Early Assurance Program will received a one-time $2,000 scholarship, awarded upon entering pharmacy school if the benchmarks are met. 
*Waivers may be considered on a case by case basis for exceptional circumstances.

Plan of Study

Fall Semester 1
Class Credit
Precalculus 4
Foundations of Chemistry I 4
Foundations of Chemistry I Lab 1
Communication Arts I 4
Cultural Perspectives I 4
Total Credits 17
Spring Semester 1
Class Credit
Principles of Human Anatomy 4
Foundations of Chemistry II 3
Communication Arts II 4
Cultural Perspectives II 4
Total Credits 15
Summer Term
Class Credit
Liberal Arts* 4
Fall Semester 2
Class Credit
Principles of Human Physiology 4
Organic Chemistry I 3
Organic Chemistry I Laboratory 1
Calculus 4
Biblical Perspectives 4
Concepts in Fitness and Health 2
Total Credits 18
Spring Semester 2
Class Credit
Microbiology 4
Organic Chemistry II and Lab 4
Elementary Statistics 4
Liberal Arts* 4
Total Credits 15

Total Required Credits 70

* Choose either SOCI 100 (Introduction to Sociology) or PSYC 101 (General Psychology) for one of the liberal arts requirements. The remaining four credits may be chosen from courses in political science, history, foreign languages, philosophy, psychology, sociology, geography, economics, and either art, music, or theatre appreciation.

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