Advisory Board

The McWhorter School of Pharmacy Advisory Board provides the dean and school administrators with insight into current trends in health care and the profession, as well as advice and counsel on a variety of activities of the school. 

Group picture of Samford's pharmacy advisory board

Advisory Board Members

  • Ms. Jan Allen
  • Mr. Brian E. Beckett
  • Ms. Leigh Richard Caglarsu
  • Mr. Donnie R. Calhoun
  • Dr. Jeff Church
  • J. Michael Cobb
  • Mr. Danny Cottrell
  • Mrs. Karren Crowson
  • Dr. William C. Davis
  • Dr. Brenda Denson
  • Dr. Patrick Devereux
  • Dr. Page Dunlap
  • Dr. Douglas Figg
  • Dr. Christy Garmon
  • Dr. Rhonda M. Harden
  • Dr. Emily Hawes
  • Dr. Kim Hooker
  • Dr. Brad F. Jackson
  • Mr. David Kilgo
  • Mr. Philip Knight
  • Dr. Steven C. Lawley
  • Mr. Herman L. Lazarus, Jr.
  • Dr. Joette S. Lowe
  • Mrs. Pauletta (Polly) H. McClure
  • Dr. Jeb F. Mitchell
  • Dr. Vince Noblitt
  • Ms. Janis Randall
  • Mrs. Fran Hall Sherrill
  • Dr. Thomas R. Tice
  • Dr. Carla Veronese
  • Dr. William P. West
  • Dr. Curt Willett
  • Mr. Clay O. Wilson