A course of study to fit your calling

While the Pharm.D. remains our primary degree option, we have other degrees for those who wish to combine their studies in preparation for their chosen careers. The degree programs may have additional admission requirements. For example, the joint Pharm.D./MBA program requires that you be accepted to both the McWhorter School of Pharmacy and the Brock School of Business. We are also excited to announce that beginning in Fall 2014 students will be able to pursue the joint Pharm.D./Masters of Public Health in collaboration with the School of Public Health.

Admission to the McWhorter School of Pharmacy is based on merit. For complete details on the application process and all of the required documentation, follow the links below.

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Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Studies
Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)
Pharm.D. with a Graduate Business Minor

A Word on Prepharmacy

The doctor of pharmacy degree at Samford University requires a minimum of six years of college work consistent with the standards set by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). Many of our graduates enroll at Samford for the entire program, while others complete pre-pharmacy studies elsewhere and then complete the professional curriculum at Samford.

Accepted pre-pharmacy courses may be completed at any accredited junior college, community college, college or university. Students entering Samford as freshmen and enrolling in the prepharmacy program must follow the Samford prepharmacy curriculum, which includes core courses unique to Samford University. If you are planning to enter McWhorter School of Pharmacy from another school, you should complete the pre-pharmacy curriculum for transfer students. We encourage you to work closely with our prepharmacy or health sciences advisors to ensure the courses you take are consistent with the prepharmacy curriculum.

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