Is an ACT or SAT score required?

Yes, an ACT or SAT score is required unless you took the ACT more than 12 years ago or if English is not your primary language and you did not attend high school in the United States. For those whom English is not the primary language AND who did not attend high school in the U.S., the TOEFL is required (submitted to PharmCAS).

Do I need eight hours of Anatomy and Physiology?

Yes. This can be either A&P I + A&P II or Human Anatomy + Human Physiology.

I already have a BA or BS degree or I will receive my degree prior to entering pharmacy school. How does that affect my application?

Applicants holding a BA degree or BS degree, or who will be receiving one prior to starting pharmacy school, and who have completed all mathematics and science requirements in the Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum shall only be required to satisfy the Public Speaking and Elementary Statistics requirements. Applicants who hold a prior BA or BS degree or who will be receiving a BA or BS degree MUST submit an ACT or SAT score.

What are the computer requirements?

All McWhorter School of Pharmacy electronic resources are web-based. The College of Health Sciences, as well as most buildings on-campus are equipped with wireless internet access. Please visit Samford's Technology Services web page for more information about technological resources available at Samford.
Note: Beginning in Fall 2014, all entering pharmacy students are required to have a laptop computer. Here are the Technology Minimum Requirements for Pharmacy Laptops
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What is the admissions deadline?

All information that is required for PharmCAS or the McWhorter School of Pharmacy Office of Admission is due no later than March 1. Processing at PharmCAS may take place after the deadline as long as all necessary information was received prior to the deadline.

How much does it cost to attend McWhorter School of Pharmacy?

Please visit the tuition and fees page for detailed information.

Do I qualify for financial aid?

You must have a minimum of 72 hours of undergraduate coursework completed prior to enrollment to be eligible for consideration for Graduate level Federal Student Loan assistance.

How do you calculate Math & Science GPA?

For the Math & Science GPA, we only use those Math and Science courses listed in our pre-requisite course list. If a Math or Science course from our pre-requisite list has been repeated we will only use the highest grade.

How many students are admitted from other undergraduate schools?

Approximately 60% of students in our entering class completed their prerequisites at a school other than Samford University, and roughly 50% are from out of state.

How many students apply for admission each year?

Since 2001, applications have ranged from 300 to 1,000 each year.

How many students are accepted for each class?

125-128 students are admitted each year.

Is preference given to students from Alabama?

No. State of residence is not a factor in the admission process. Our student body is diverse, including students from a variety of states and countries. 

Is there an ideal age to begin pharmacy school?

No. Everyone's path to McWhorter School of Pharmacy is different. Our students range in age from 19 to 50.

Is the PCAT required?

Yes. There is no required minimum score, but scores above the 60th percentile rank are viewed favorably. Scores should be sent directly to PharmCAS and not to Samford University.

When should I start the application process?

Both the PharmCAS application and the McWhorter School of Pharmacy Supplemental application open in early July each year. You may submit your applications even before you finish the pre-requisite coursework. One semester of Organic Chemistry must be completed by the end of the fall term to be eligible for admission consideration. All pre-requisite coursework must be completed prior to the first day of classes at McWhorter School of Pharmacy.