Published on May 21, 2020 by Sarah Waller  
Mullins Pharmacy

DeAnn Mullins ‘93 is the pharmacist and owner of Mullins Pharmacy in Lynn Haven, Florida. On March 13, when the president declared COVID-19 a national emergency, Mullins said she spent the weekend developing a 16-page action plan that she would introduce to her pharmacy’s staff that Monday. 

“One of the many things I love about owning my own pharmacy is how quickly we are able to take action when emergencies present themselves,” Mullins said. 

Mullins Pharmacy was among the first in its community to establish mandatory curbside service. “Knowing how vulnerable our patients were, we were motivated to flip our entire pharmacy workflow on its head,” Mullins said. “And I’m also proud of the collaboration that unfolded shortly thereafter between independent community pharmacy owners.”

As a part of this collaboration, Mullins freely shared her work with others through a website containing practice pearls and patient-focused strategies developed by the National Community Pharmacy Association (NCPA).

“TV ads remind us that we are in this together. My pharmacist colleagues across the nation have made those words ring true. Their actions have, no doubt, served their communities well,” she said. 

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