McWhorter School of Pharmacy students have the opportunity to visit Perry County and work with local physicians and the Rural Health Clinics in Marion and Uniontown to help provide coordinated care to an underserved community. Our students independently facilitate weekly hypertension and diabetes clinics focusing on lowering cardiovascular risk factors. Students also have the opportunity to see patients with rural health physicians, providing medication and monitoring recommendations.

Students active in Perry County have the unique opportunity to conduct home visits for patients, medication therapy management sessions at Union Drug and College City Drug and aid patients in the selection of Medicare Part D. Students participate in a weekly radio show to inform the public of pertinent health issues as well as health fairs and community health events.

Perry County offers opportunity for growth by providing avenues for research, grant development, work-site visits, community speaking engagements and other areas of rural public health.

For more information, please contact Pilar Murphy at or 205-726-2240.

Outreach With a Purpose

The McWhorter School of Pharmacy's programs in Alabama's Black Belt bring care to underserved people.

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