At McWhorter School of Pharmacy, you can earn your pharmacy degree while simultaneously earning a graduate minor in business. This is a coordinated program between McWhorter School of Pharmacy and Brock School of Business that lets you take M.B.A.-level courses.  On completing the program, you earn a graduate minor in business along with your Pharm.D.

Whether you plan on owning your own pharmacy, working with a pharmaceutical company or any other option as a practicing pharmacist, a sound business background gives you strong advantages.

General Policies and Admissions

On graduation, you can receive both the Pharm.D. and graduate business minor in the same semester. If all graduate business minor course work is completed prior to completing the Pharm.D. course work, the graduate business minor will be awarded at the same time as the Pharm.D. degree. 

You will have two separate grade point averages, one for business and one for pharmacy. Pharmacy school ranking and percentiles will be based on the pharmacy only GPA. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in the business program to be in good standing.

Students may register for a maximum of 21 credits per full semester. If desired, you may petition the school's Associate Dean of Academic Affairs to exceed this maximum course load.

Tuition for business courses is charged separately from pharmacy program tuition.  The graduate business minor will not be listed on the pharmacy diploma, but will be included in the official academic transcript.

Admission to the graduate business minor program is based on a status of good standing in the pharmacy program.  Students who wish to pursue the graduate business minor should contact the Brock School of Business (205-726-2040,  If a student decides to seek entry to the M.B.A., he/she is required to take the GMAT or GRE and follow the admission requirements in place at the time of application.

Graduate business minor courses cannot be waived, substituted, shared or transferred. All course work must be completed at the Brock School of Business. Please see the Samford University Catalog and the semester schedules for prerequisite requirements. You can finish the graduate business minor courses within one academic year of graduation from the Pharm.D. program.  

Course descriptions for the graduate business minor program

Plan of Study