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Are Teams Living or Dying by the Three in Today’s NBA?
As the game of basketball has progressed, so has the average player’s shooting ability and range. Consequently, this has made the three point shot the most deadly weapon in today’s game. However, do the statistics back up this assumption? This article will look analytically at the success and usage of the three-point shot in the NBA over recent years to answer this question. 
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2019 NFL Power Rankings: The Top Half’s Reasons for Optimism
As the NFL offseason heats up with training camps, free agency deadlines, and the season less than four months away, fans and analysts alike are starting to form predictions and expectations for each team. This article will take a look at the preseason power rankings for the 2018-2019 NFL season, and give a reason for optimism for the top half of the league. 
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Setting Realistic Expectations for Zion
The 2019 NBA Draft Lottery, and who would receive the overall number one pick, was one of the most talked about in history. With Zion Williamson on the board, there’s no question as to why the first pick was so highly valued. But how have number one picks historically performed after making it to the league? This article statistically breaks down the last 50 number one picks in the NBA Draft to answer this question. 
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Is the King’s Reign Over?
Lebron James and the L.A. Lakers underachieved greatly this season by most people's standards, leading many people to question if Lebron is still as dominant as he once was. This blog will take a look at his 2018-2019 season and seek to answer some of these questions. 
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How to Win It All in a Passing League: Run the Ball
The NFL currently has a reputation as a "passing league," but many people still believe that the quality of a team's rush offense will determine whether or not it is capable of winning a championship. By taking a closer look at the last 10 Super Bowl champions, we can determine the level of importance that the best teams in the league place on the running game. 
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Quantifying the Home-Court Advantage in the NBA Playoffs
In the context of the NBA Playoffs, the team that will play at least half of the series’ games in its own arena is said to have the “home-court advantage.” This article explores how having the home-court advantage affects a team’s ability to win a series in a certain number of games and in a particular round of the playoffs.