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Photo Is Kirby Smart really Mark Richt 2.0?
Is Kirby Smart really Mark Richt 2.0?
The University of Georgia and its fans have anxiously waited for another college football national championship to arrive in Athens. Many believe Kirby Smart is the man to deliver this long awaited trophy. However, the data suggest Kirby is no different than his predecessor, Mark Richt. So is Kirby truly the man for the job, or will he fall victim to the same fate Richt did? 
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The Branding Effect: Do the Teams with the Best Logos Drive the Highest Merchandise Sales?
Most fans will support their team no matter the team color, mascot, or font choice. It is safe to say in our current society, however, that brand image and recognition is a major determining factor to the success of many businesses. Is the full extent of the sports branded merchandise industry fans buying from their favorite team, or is there more to it? This article will analyze whether the teams that are credited with having the best logos also have the highest merchandise sales and overall value.  
Photo Is Simone Biles the GOAT of gymnastics?
Is Simone Biles the GOAT of Gymnastics?
Simone Biles has been unstoppable since she entered her senior elite career in 2013. Discussion first began of Biles being the greatest of all time heading into the 2016 Olympics in Rio. However, as of the US National Championship in August of 2019 the conversation has reemerged as Biles competed two skills for the first time ever in women’s gymnastics. 
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Is Artificial Intelligence Really Preventing Injuries?
Artificial Intelligence has changed the sports world forever. While some critics may argue Artificial Intelligence is making the game more predictable and less entertaining, companies like Zone7 are challenging this statement. Through the lens of Artificial Intelligence in training, data companies prove how athletes and teams alike are benefiting from the technology advancement to prevent injuries thus, improving the industry as a whole. 
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The Power Behind Alabama Football’s Social Media Strategy
This article is about how the effectiveness of Alabama Football’s social media strategy has greatly developed their success in relevance ranking across their social platforms. 
Photo Nike Caught in the Crosshairs of the Trade War
Nike Caught in the Crosshairs of the Trade War
Following President Trump’s announcement to raise tariffs on shoe imports from China, Nike recently signed a letter with U.S. manufacturers and retailers in protest. Despite the incredible success of the brand, who’s to say if the iconic sporting goods provider is invincible against shifts in the political climate?