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Photo What Does It Take to Win at a Superspeedway?
What Does It Take to Win at a Superspeedway?
In NASCAR, superspeedways host the most exhilarating races because their conditions enable drivers to reach extraordinarily high speeds. This article will look at the last 10 Cup series in order to determine which drivers and cars are most successful on these types of tracks.  
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Every Team’s Best Player from the Las Vegas Summer League
This article is simply a list of each NBA team paired with their most statistically impressive player from the 2019 Summer League in Las Vegas. 
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Batting, Pitching, or Fielding: What’s Most Important in Today’s MLB?
This article will compare the winning percentages of every MLB team this season with their corresponding batting averages, ERAs, and fielding percentages to determine which area of the sport is most important in today’s league. 
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Is the Nashville Predators' Offseason Setting Them Up for Success?
The Nashville Predators have had a busy off-season thus far coming off a disappointing first round loss in the playoffs. They have traded away former defensive star PK Subban, signed elite center Matt Duchene in free agency, and hired Dan Lambert to an assistant coaching position. The question is are these moves setting the Predators up for success in the long-run? 
Photo Is the MLB Juicing Baseballs This Season?
Is the MLB Juicing Baseballs This Season?
Baseball fans are currently witnessing the most exciting offensive MLB season in the past decade. So much so that Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander has even accused the MLB of juicing the baseballs this season. This article will observe the offensive firepower displayed this year and compare it to past seasons. 
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Is America’s Favorite Pastime Becoming a Thing of the Past?
This article details the decrease in MLB attendance, explains why this has happened and offers suggestions to combat this decrease.