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Leeds United’s Relegation Survival Magic Number is ????
Leeds United, one of the most storied clubs in European football, is back in the Premier League for the first time in 16 years.  
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A Deep Dive into Leeds United’s Growing Fanbase in Argentina
Phil Hay (@PhilHay_) of the Athletic recently published an article entitled, “A football revolution – Bielsa is making Leeds compulsive viewing in Argentina” which discussed Leeds United’s growing fanbase in the South American country. In response to his article, the Center for Sports Analytics at Samford University conducted a deep dive into this unusual and far-flung fanbase by analyzing the social media content of 547,000 followers of the official Leeds United F.C. Twitter account. Our analysis, powered by Affinio, unearthed fan psychographic and demographic insights utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence. 
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The Problem with No Fans at the NBA Bubble in Orlando
The NBA has resumed their season at the Orlando bubble, and has not disappointed so far, with many close games. One thing could have made those close games even better: fans. The NBA has attempted to address this by having “virtual fans,” which have provided funny reactions. We wonder if that is the only thing fans do, or if they actually affect the game being played. 
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The Problem with the Neutral Courts at the NBA Bubble in Orlando
The 2019-20 NBA season was already one of the most entertaining in recent memory. There were many teams competing for the championship and no clear favorite. Now, things are even more interesting, with 22 teams playing in Orlando for the remainder of the season. We wonder if this change of format will be purely cosmetic, or if playing in a neutral court will affect the outcome of this season. 
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Analysis: Which Power 5 College Basketball Conference has the Strongest Home Court Advantage?
Based on data from the last seven college basketball seasons, we determine the home court advantage for every college basketball team in the Power Five conferences (SEC, ACC, Big 12, Big 10, PAC 12). We found significant differences between the conferences which is important in light of how the NCAA seeds the March Madness tournament leading to the Final Four. These results are also important for Bracketology calculations. 
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Using Data to Determine Baseball’s Most Disappointing Teams
At the end of the 2019 season, Major League Baseball crowned the Washington Nationals its best team. Few baseball fans believed the team would end the season on top of the baseball world – some called the National’s victory the biggest surprise in World Series history. Nationals fans were historic underdogs, but the Astros’ base felt the flip side of that surprise: disappointment. This article analyzes predictions and outcomes to determine the most disappointing teams and seasons in baseball.