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How Possession and Opening Goals can Predict Relegated Teams in the Premier League
The Premier League provides quite the spectacle season in and season out. Aside from the memorable on-field moments, the battle on the table heightens the drama in each and every matchweek.  
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Professional Soccer Technical Reports
Technical reports are published by students in the Center for Sports Analytics at the end of the season for various professional soccer leagues in order to analyze how the game is progressing. The reports contain league level analysis as well as an appraisal of each team's performance. 
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Sponsorship Slam Dunk or Absolute Air Ball? : A Breakdown of NBA Sponsorship by Social Media Affinity
This article explores which NBA naming rights sponsors are receiving the best/worst return on their investment by analyzing social media affinity through the Zoomph database. 
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Statistical Insights: When Should I Cross the Ball in Soccer?
Crossing is one of the most common ways to score a goal in the game of soccer. When a team is attacking and trying to score, when is the right time to put the cross into the box? It may not be as simple as you think. 
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Determining Rivals Based on Social Media Activity
Rivalries are a critical aspect of any sport. There is always that one team that you want to beat more than anyone else. Do a team’s fans follow the team they want to beat most on social media so that they can be kept up-to-date on what it is they are doing?  
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How Did Ronaldo’s Return to the Premier League Affect Manchester United’s Performance?
In the 2021-22 Premiere League season, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to leave Juventus and come back to Manchester United after leaving them for Real Madrid back in 2009. How did this affect the team? Positively, negatively or did nothing change at all?