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Photo Photo taken by Marshal Smith
A Look Back: The 5 Best SEC Championship Games in History
When implemented by SEC Commissioner Roy Kramer in 1992 after the expansion to 12 teams, the SEC Championship Game was an unprecedented power move. The game has given fans great memories, heartbreaking losses, and has captivated us for over 30 years now.  
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Spending Smart: A Comparative Look at Areas of University Spending Within Football Programs and Their Effect on Wins From 2005-2022
This project analyzes how different kinds of spending correlate to wins for Power 5 College football programs.  
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Samford’s Center for Sports Analytics Named a Top 10 Team for Data and Analytics by International OnCon Awards
OnCon, a prestigious global summit of the world’s top executives, awards individuals and teams for their exceptional contributions in business thought leadership. The recipients of these awards are determined through close scrutiny and evaluation by both the business community and organizational experts, resulting in the acknowledgment of some of the most remarkable talents and teams on a global scale. 
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Analyzing NBA Playoff "Risers" and "Droppers"
The NBA Playoffs consists of the best teams within the Western Conference and Eastern Conference during the Regular Season, with the best players during the Regular Season typically being featured in the Playoffs for contributing to the high regular season win total. 
Photo 2011 World Series Scoreboard
Top 10 World Series Hitting Performances
To see the guidelines and a more in depth explanation of some of the metrics being used, as well as the methodology behind this ranking, check out the first part of this series of articles titled “Top 10 World Series Pitching Performances.” 
Photo Sandy Koufax
Top 10 World Series Pitching Performances
Postseason baseball is here! That means the champion of the league will soon be crowned in the World Series. I love baseball, but I understand why some people would think that the regular season goes on a bit too long, and watching any random regular season game can often feel a bit boring or pointless.