Samford University’s McWhorter School of Pharmacy is committed to providing multiple scholarship opportunities for incoming and current students. This year, we will award over $1.5 million in scholarships. 

Incoming first-year students are awarded scholarships based upon their PharmCAS application and specific criteria, including but not limited to, academic excellence, leadership experience and a commitment to service. Unless noted, scholarships can be awarded in combination.

Renewable Scholarships for Incoming Students

Coutu Scholar Award

The Coutu Scholar Award is a total award of $40,000, conferred to incoming first-year students based upon their academic achievement, leadership experience and commitment to community service. It is dispersed in installments of $10,000 annually for four years.

Scholar Award

The Scholar Award is a scholarship with a total award of $30,000 conferred to incoming first-year students based upon their academic achievement and leadership experience or commitment to community service. It is dispersed in installments of $7,500 annually for four years.

Dean’s Scholarship

The Dean’s Scholarship is a total award of $20,000, conferred to first-year students who demonstrate academic success and commitment to serving their community. It is dispersed in installments of $5,000 annually for four years.

For Continuation of Annual Scholarships

In order for students to renew one of the annually renewable scholarships (Coutu, Scholar or Dean’s Scholarships), they must:

  1. Be enrolled full-time in the PharmD program each semester.
  2. Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or greater each semester.
  3. Remain free from Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct violations.
  4. Remain clear from/of any criminal offenses beyond traffic tickets.
  5. Have no professional license revocation during enrollment.

Merit Scholarships for Incoming Students

All incoming first-year students are eligible to receive a $2,500 Merit Scholarship, which is given in recognition of academic success, leadership experience and service to the community. Merit Scholarships are awarded in the first year only and are not annually renewable.

Priority consideration is given to applicants who complete their PharmCAS application before one of our scholarship deadlines:

November 1

Priority Consideration Deadline

February 1

Scholarship Deadline 1

April 1

Scholarship Deadline 2

Early Action Scholarship

Individuals who complete their PharmD application before Sept. 1 are given Early Action status, and if admitted, they will receive a one-time $2,500 Early Action scholarship. In addition, the McWhorter School of Pharmacy also agrees to cover their application fee, and students are given priority consideration for additional scholarships.

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Endowed Scholarships

After the first year of the program, students are eligible for the school’s endowed scholarships.

Endowed scholarships are diverse and have specific criteria established by the donor. Our largest endowed scholarship is the Cardinal Health Independent Pharmacy Scholarship, which covers the final year of tuition.

All McWhorter School of Pharmacy students are considered for these scholarships annually through an application process, ensuring that additional scholarships can be earned as a second, third or fourth-year student.

Financial Aid

Samford University is dedicated to making education affordable for students through a variety of need-based options. Maximize your eligibility for financial aid by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

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Any student who has completed the 72 hours of undergraduate course work requirement and has been accepted into McWhorter School of Pharmacy is considered a graduate student and is eligible to be considered an independent student (for financial aid purposes) and for graduate level loan limits. It is important to select “graduate/professional student” status when completing the FAFSA if you will be entering pharmacy school with 72 hours of college credit or more.

Financial Aid Information for First Year of Pharmacy School

Any student who has not completed the 72 hour undergraduate course work requirement is still considered an undergraduate student and is eligible for undergraduate loan limits. Typically, students within this category complete the 72-hour undergraduate course requirement after their fall semester and will become a graduate student in their spring semester.

Financial Aid Information for Students Needing to Complete 72 Hours of Requirements

For more information about financial aid, contact Samford OneStop at or 205-726-2905.

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