Program Summary

International Relations is an interdisciplinary major which draws from political science, history, world languages, and economics to provide students with a flexible and comprehensive understanding of the global system and their role within it. It allows students to select courses within these areas to create a list of classes taught by some of the best faculty on campus in a variety of disciplines, and a focus on specific skills such as economics, statistics, and foreign language. It also encourages students to engage in direct participation and activism through international travel opportunities, internships and work with local, national and international organizations. Students in the major complete their time at Samford with an awareness of the diversity and immensity of the global system, with an ability to take part in it and change it for the better.

Objectives & Goals

International Relations will expose students to a broad set of topics in the areas of political science, economics, history and world languages. This course of study will equip students to understand and influence the international system with a set of skills in the area of economics, policy, statistics, foreign languages and global culture. If they choose the specific Human Rights track, they will be required to have a policy-related internship experience.

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Is This Program for Me?

Because of its flexibility and wide range of course options, International Relations is an ideal program for students with a variety of personality traits. It effectively serves students who want to understand the global system. At the same time, it serves students who want to take part in, and change, the global system. On a more general level, it is a good program of study for students who want to broaden their horizons and expose themselves to diverse cultures, and political and economic systems.

What Makes Us Different?

This program brings together the strengths of Samford University, providing students with personal attention in small classes inspired by the liberal arts tradition. At the same time, it draws on resources from across campus, including the business and law schools, the Model United Nations program, political science internship opportunities, three academic departments, and the Global Engagement office.

Career Preparation

International Relations provides students with an effective mixture of coursework, specific skills, and real-world experience. International Relations provides students with a background in four different disciplines, and specific skills in areas such as economics, statistics, policy analysis and foreign language. The Political Science Department's internship program offers International Relations students professional experience in policy and international settings.

Career Opportunities

  • Government service
  • Law
  • NGOs, social justice and activism
  • Business
  • Missions
  • Academics and graduate study
  • Foreign language
  • Peace Corps


  • US State Department
  • American Enterprise Institute
  • Food for the Hungry
  • Feed the Children
  • Heritage Foundation
  • Amnesty International
  • European Union
  • The White House
  • Numerous Law Firms
  • Numerous US Representatives' and Senators' offices
  • Department of Defense

Notable Alumni

Alumni Careers

  • International Law
  • Politics
  • Government Service
  • Peace Corps
  • Department of Defense
  • Missions
  • Social Justice and Nongovernmental Organizations

Notable Faculty