Jon  Coley
Orientation Leader
Standing: Sophomore
Major: Pre-Pharmacy
Hometown: Montgomery, AL

Involvements: I.M.P.A.C.T, Residence Life, Ragland Scholar, Samford Donor Relations Personal, Moffett and Sanders School of Nursing Lab Assistant, Orientation Team, Samford Pre-Pharmacy Club, Redeemer Community Church

Jon is a pre-pharmacy student who is a part of the early assurance, fast track program. Jon has enjoyed engaging in various aspects of campus and interacting with so many different people. Jon has been a part of the Samford men's basketball team as a manager, worked as a lab assistant in the Moffett and Sanders School of Nursing, and currently works as a resident assistant in one of the freshman male dorms, Smith Hall. Other Samford involvements that Jon is involved in include the pre-pharmacy club, I.M.P.A.C.T, and the Ragland Scholars program. Jon appreciates getting out into the Birmingham community to try various local restaurants out, as well as perform volunteer service. He attends Redeemer Community Church and is looking forward to connecting with Samford’s brightest new additions, the class of 2027!