Jay  Barr
Orientation Leader
Office: 113 University Center
Email: jbarr2@samford.edu
Major: Marketing and Spanish
Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Hi there! I’m Jay Barr and I’m from Helena, Alabama. I’m obsessed with all things Joanna Gaines and you’ll probably never see me without a Diet Coke in my hand I also firmly believe Diet Coke tastes better through a straw. I could live off of Chick-Fil-A. (No really, all day everyday. If you really are what you eat I would have been a Spicy Chicken sandwich long ago.) I love to take road trips with my friends and play my music way too loud so if you're interested in travel and jam sessions we are going to be inseparable. Samford has taught me so many things and brought me all of the best people. I am so excited to meet you because so much prayer and preparation has gone into the arrival of your class of 2023. You are going to learn so much about life, yourself, and The Lord while you are here at sweet Sammy U and I can't wait to be by your side through it!