Published on November 14, 2017 by Meri Cashion  


College has its own set of rules and proper etiquette. Some of these unstated rules or tips can help you get better grades and help prepare you for the world outside of school.

1. Take notes

Taking notes does not only help prove you are paying attention to what the professor is saying. Notes are also a great study tool. Comparing notes with a classmate helps when studying because everyone takes notes differently and might have a different view on something that was said in the lecture. Here are the 5 best methods for taking notes.

2. Put away your phone and other electronics

While some professors might allow you to use technology in class, make sure that you are using it properly. We all know the temptation during class to check social media or text a friend about the weekend. However, studies have shown that taking notes by hand helps with memorization and that being distraction-free helps with focusing. So put down your device during class and engage in the learning.

3. Ask for help early

There are so many resources on campus that can help you keep up or get ahead in your class work. Try to never get behind, and never wait until the last minute. Ask your professor right away if you do not understand the material. If you wait too long, it is harder to catch up! Using campus resources like tutoring, the Communication Resource Center (CRC), and others can help you check your work and help make sure you stay on task with your assignments. Email for assistance on majors and tutoring, or look on our web page for tutoring and other helpful links.

4. Show up to class

This may seem like a given, but you will do a lot better in your classes if you are physically there to learn the material. Questions may be asked that you might not have considered, and you can have better notes if you are present instead of just hoping or trusting you can get good notes from a classmate. Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t skip class.

5. Wait to pack up until dismissed

The rustling of papers and the zipping of backpacks can send a rude message to your professor. Even if you have a class right after or somewhere to be, do not disturb the rest of the class by packing up your materials. You may also miss something important because you cannot hear your professor due to someone else packing up their materials. Wait until the professor says “have a good day” or “see you next class” before you start packing up and leaving.

Additional Tips

Here are some more tips to make college easier: Advice every college student can use