The Career Development Center’s “Don’t Cancel Class” initiative is designed to provide career services directly to students in the classroom while the professor is away due to professional obligations, conferences, or administrative responsibilities.

Available Topics

The Career Development staff is available to lead a classroom discussion of topics such as:

Options with “X” major

What career options are available with this particular major and what can be done to improve your marketability.

Career planning in general/making career decisions

Helpful ways to make decisions about your major. Should you keep it? Change it? And why?

Assessment presentations on either Myers-Briggs Type or Holland's Codes

The assessments offered include’s Personality Assessment which measures Myers-Briggs Type. This online assessment is appropriate for discussing personality temperaments as they relate to career choice. It is also effective in helping students understand work team strengths and challenges.

The second assessment measures Holland's Codes and is a paper and pencil assessment called the Self-Directed Search, particularly well suited to help students understand their abilities and interests related to their Samford major choice.

Either assessment can provide students valuable insight into evaluating their major options and planning for their future career success. Career counselors help facilitate test administration prior to the presentation and then will discuss results and use of assessment information. One assessment per presentation.

Résumés/Cover Letters

An overview of résumé and cover letter development, and answers to specific student questions.


The how’s and why’s of networking to land a full-time job or internship.


An overview of interviewing and offer exercises for students to practice interviewing skills

Social Media and the Job Search

The appropriate use of social media for job searching purposes and provide strategies for utilizing it effectively.

The Long-Distance Job Search

Ways to conduct an effective job search for a city outside of the state of Alabama, while still being in school.

Job Searching for Arts and Science Majors

How liberal arts majors can be more effective in marketing their major during their job search.

Job Search Strategies in General

An overview and breakdown of the job search process.

How to find career-related internships and part-time jobs

How to find part-time jobs and internship that improve students’ experience within particular career fields.

Health Related Professions: Prep for Multiple Mini Interviews

The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI), is an interview format that is currently trending in health related professional programs across the nation as well as internationally. The MMI gauges an applicant’s potential to successfully interact with patients and colleagues. The MMI is designed to measure communication skills, specifically verbal and nonverbal skills that cannot be measured using standardized written exams or by reviewing coursework transcripts. The MMI typically consists of six to ten very short interviews that revolve around a specific scenario. (Info taken from the AMA)

To schedule a “Don’t Cancel Class” session

Fill out the Don’t Cancel Class Request Form or contact the Career Development Center by email or phone. A two–day minimum notice is needed, but one–week notice preferred (with the exception of the assessment presentation—one week is required for this one).

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