The Career Development Center’s “Don’t Cancel Class” initiative is designed to provide career services directly to students in the classroom while the professor is away due to professional obligations, conferences, or administrative responsibilities. Of course, we are also happy to provide workshops with faculty members are present!

Available Topics

The Career Development staff is available to lead a classroom discussion of topics such as:

CDC Overview

Outlines the services offered by the CDC that students can and should take advantage of while at Samford.

11 Career-Related Things You Need to Do

Walks students through essential tasks they can do while an undergraduate to prepare for life beyond college.

Options with “X” major

What career options are available with this particular major and what can be done to improve students’ marketability.

Professionalism 101

Overviews some of the basic (but essential) components of professionalism, whether for internships, campus leadership positions, or opportunities beyond.

Assessment presentations on either Myers-Briggs Type or Holland's Codes

The assessments offered include’s Personality Assessment which measures Myers-Briggs Type. This online assessment is appropriate for discussing personality temperaments as they relate to career choice. It is also effective in helping students understand work team strengths and challenges.

The second assessment measures Holland's Codes and is a paper and pencil assessment called the Self-Directed Search, particularly well suited to help students understand their abilities and interests related to their Samford major choice.

Either assessment can provide students valuable insight into evaluating their major options and planning for their future career success. Career counselors help facilitate test administration prior to the presentation and then will discuss results and use of assessment information. One assessment per presentation.

Résumés/Cover Letters

An overview of résumé and cover letter development, including both content and formatting, as well as answers to specific student questions.


The how’s and why’s of networking, both for career exploration as well as jobs and internships. Included is information on how to effectively find and connect with individuals on LinkedIn.


Detailed coverage on all aspects of the interview, from pre to post interview, including strategies for handling difficult questions and more.

The Job and Internship Search

An overview and breakdown of the job and internship search process.

To schedule a “Don’t Cancel Class” session

Fill out the Don’t Cancel Class Request Form or contact the Career Development Center at or 205-726-2980. The more advanced notice is given, the more likely our calendars will allow us to accommodate the request.

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