The staff in the CDC at Samford is proud to present this Online Career Library containing curated links to help you explore career-related topics, Samford undergraduate majors and compatible occupations through reliable websites specifically chosen by our career professionals.


These websites are presented for informational purposes only. Samford does not endorse the views and opinions that may be expressed on these websites, nor does Samford endorse any commercial products or services. We do not recommend students pay for access to any page on these websites or give personal information. Student membership in professional organizations can be a good idea, but we recommend that students discuss the benefits with their advisors

Career Counseling and Preparation

What is career counseling? How can it help you plan for your career future? How can you best use your time in college to prepare for success after graduation? Visit these selected websites for great advice.

Choosing or Changing Majors

If you are not certain yet what your career future holds but you do know what subjects you like and do well in, then make your short-term major decision based on the subject that you have the deepest and most sustainable interest in and the one that you make strong enough grades in to progress in the degree plan. Then begin to explore the variety of related and possible career options.
If you have decided your career path, then choose the major that is either required or provides the best foundation for career preparation. Sometimes that is a clear-cut decision and sometimes there is room for a little variation. Talk to professionals in the field to get a better understanding of requirements and recommendations. And remember, it is always good to have a Plan B, even if you don’t use it.


Job Search Strategies

Finding a job takes planning, patience, and persistence.

Step One

Start early. It takes on average 6-9 months of searching to secure a full-time position. Some government jobs have even longer timelines.

Step Two

Craft an effective resume.

Step Three

Identify positions of interest on job posting sites. Start with Handshake (link), where you can search for employers looking for Samford students. Make sure you research the companies to confirm they align with your values and interests.

Step Four

Use your networking to identify “the hidden job market”.

Step Five

Decide your application strategy. Do you want to conduct a “rifle” approach? Target a small number of specific job opportunities. Send in your resume and even if it is not required, include a cover letter. Do you want to conduct a “shotgun” approach? Send in your resume to a wide variety of postings and include your cover letter with select positions of strongest interest.

Step Six

Repeat! For every 20 positions you apply for you may only get one response. Don’t get discouraged. The right job is out there.

More Great Strategies

Professional Etiquette

You’ve started a new job. Congratulations! Now what? Below are some tips for making a good impression and developing your professional and personal brand.