What is the purpose of a notetaker?

Accessibility and Accommodations recruits notetakers for courses in which a student receiving accommodations needs assistance with note-taking support. When a student’s disability causes limitations to their note-taking ability, they may miss information during lectures or have incomplete notes, and therefore a peer notetaker is very important so the student can have equal access to information presented during lectures.

What makes someone a “good” notetaker?

You should be prepared to take thorough, detailed notes and promptly upload them to our online database after each lecture. You are likely already taking thorough notes for yourself, but should keep in mind that you will be sharing notes with another student and therefore may need to limit or explain any short-hand you use in your notes. You should also be sure that the structure of your notes would be easy for someone else to follow. “Good” notetakers are also consistent in labeling their notes by including the name of the course, the date, and the name of the lecture or topic being discussed, if applicable.

What incentives are offered to notetakers?

Most notetakers find the quality of their notes improves since they are mindful that someone else will be reviewing the notes, and therefore there is a personal benefit to the notetaker in terms of their own understanding of the lecture material. Notetakers also report positive feelings about being of assistance to a peer who is in need of notetaking support. Accessibility and Accommodations recognizes there is a time commitment involved in proof reading and uploading your notes, so as a thank you for your service, we offer early course registration or a letter of recommendation. Students who sign up to be a notetaker will be notified of the specific incentives currently available.

How do I apply to be a notetaker?

Please complete our notetaker application which outlines the expectations in more detail. Once you complete the application, you will be asked to enter the CRN information for your classes in the section titled “Request a Notetaking Assignment” in order to find a match between your courses and courses in which a notetaker is needed. CRN information can be found in the Portal, under the Registration tab, by looking at your detailed schedule and finding the CRN 5 digit number. A tutorial demonstrating how to complete the notetaker application is also available.

When will I know if I am approved to be a notetaker?

Students can be “matched” as a notetaker at any point during the semester. Most notetakers are matched at the beginning of the semester, but occasionally students request a notetaker accommodation later in the semester as well. Students who are interested in being a notetaker are encouraged to complete the application through the above link and enter their course schedule information so that the database can match the notetaker to a class as soon as there is a need. If you are matched to a class, you will receive an email from Accessibility and Accommodations with further instructions.

Thank you for your interest in being a notetaker!

Instructions for Scanning and Uploading Notes